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“We, a group of Colorado State Legislators and Staff, humbly invite the good people of faith across Colorado to come to the Capitol. 

Come exalt the Name of the Lord Jesus under the Gold Dome.  Come worship the One True God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Come pray and contend in faith for the righteousness of God to rule in Colorado.  Come watch the LORD move mountains miraculously as He responds to our prayers. 


Please join with us in 2024 to worship and pray at our capitol. 


Colorado needs you.  We need you. 

Please come.”

Sincerely, Colorado State Legislators

2 Chronicles 7:14

Colorado Prays is excited to support

another season of





The mission is to exalt the Name of the Lord under the gold dome and welcome 
the manifest power and presence of The Lord

into the State Capitol. 

Our legislators have asked believers

to join in prayer and praise at the Capitol

throughout the second regular session

of the 74th General Assembly

from January 10 through May 8,

meet at 8:30am

in the Capitol's basement rotunda.

(the stairs)

Sign up for the day assigned to your county

or come any day.

Come by yourself or bring a group with you.

Participate for an hour

or stay throughout the entire

day of legislative sessions.


county assignments

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