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County prayer watch

Love Motivated prayer for your county

The Colorado Prays mission is to see every county covered in a wall of united, strategic, sustainable day and night prayer.  In addition to churches hosting a monthly "Church Prayer Watch", there is a monthly "County Prayer Watch" in each of the 64 Colorado counties.  

Believers in Jesus Christ are invited to sign up for one or more timeslots in their monthly "County Prayer Watch". The County Prayer Watch starts at 6pm on the start date and ends at 6pm the next day - following the Hebraic Watches of the Night.

Click below to sign up for one or more timeslots to pray for your county on the same day each month.  You can pray on your own or invite others to pray with you during your Prayer Promise timeslot.  Please note that clicking on the "Sign Up Now" button will take you to an App where you can choose your County Prayer Watch and pick a timeslot that works for you each month (can be a different timeslot each month).

CLICK Below to sign up to pray in your county prayer watch

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