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Our Team

We are catalysts calling THE CHURCH (all denominations, generations and ethnicities) to build an impenetrable wall of day & night prayer across all of Colorado.


Resurrection Anglican Church

Fr. Eberhart is the founding pastor and leader of Resurrection Anglican Fellowship in Greenwood Village,

CO. A Colorado native, he has led the church since it was planted in 2001, becoming a part of the Anglican Church in North America.  In addition to serving the Anglican Church, Fr. Phil serves as a Colorado convener of prayer through Colorado Prays and the 10Days Together  spring and fall prayer gatherings.  He has been serving in Colorado for 30 years and has a Kingdom vision for revival, culminating in a "net-breaking, boat-sinking" catch of souls, as we follow Jesus 24/7 in prayer and are diligent to complete the work of the Kingdom of God!

Mobilizing  Catalyst

Colorado Prays

Amy is a prayer catalyst with a heart to connect and mobilize people who pray – especially for citywide transformation. Based on 2Chr 7:14, her mission is to communicate the need for prayer, repentance and obedience to believers who are willing to be a humble and broken people fully submitted to God on behalf of their community.


Her spiritual journey started in 1997 and includes over 20 years of prayer leadership which is preceded by 26 years in the marketplace in management consulting and training.  She is currently part of the leadership team of Colorado Prays which is sounding  the Neh 4:20 trumpet calling 2,200 Colorado churches to a wall of non-stop day and night prayer . 


Amy also leads prayer initiatives associated with the Transform Our World movement in Colorado and gathers strategic prayer warriors each month to address spiritual issues affecting the land and people of Colorado. 

Yolanda Morris


The Christian TV Network

Yolanda and her husband Brian, lead the Christian Television Network and manage the Rocky Mtn Christian TV Network. Brian and Yolanda have been married since 1994 and have been in full-time ministry since July 1994, pastoring in Wyoming, Washington, Florida and Colorado.  Yolanda also oversees an international outreach of Christian Television Network called Children's Home of Love, a Children's Home in Kathmandu, Nepal that was established in 2003. 

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