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Colorado Life Initiative

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Reminder the Colorado Life Initiative’s weekly Prayer Call is today from noon-1pm.

Dial-in number (US): (605)313-5646

Access code: 2864349 #

Here are some prayer points we will be praying today.

-For Colo to turn from a state of death to a state of Life.

-For people to see the truth about about abortion and to give every child a birth day.

-For abortion clinics and pharmacies who distribute the abortion pill to turn from their wicked ways and if not that the Lord would close them.

-For the plans to open an abortion clinic at Denver Health to be thwarted.

-For favor, protection and provision for everyone working on the Colorado Life Initiative. Lord multiply our efforts and time.

-For the Jan 21st Sanctity of Life Celebration, an evening of worship in South Denver led by Biff Gore, initiative info given and distribution of petitions and for all the Postcards that were mailed last week to have favor w/recipients. God bring everyone you want to be there.

- For all the CLI events happening all over the state.

-For the Elbert County Pastor’s breakfast on Jan 4th

-For the first push of petitions to be completed fully as they are returned in a few weeks and for the second push of petitions in January!

-For more volunteers statewide but especially in Pitkin, Summit and Eagle counties.

-For church leaders to work for Life in this state and if God wills to help CLI. May they see this not as a political issue but as a Godly issue and may they speak out about Life and speak God’s truth.


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