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THE Vision: 

 Shift the spiritual climate across Colorado to see the godly, sustained transformation of every sphere of society.


The Mission: 

We are sounding the Neh 4:20 trumpet calling pastors and believers from all denominations, nationalities and generations to the wall of prayer where our God will fight for the people and land of Colorado.  

Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there where Our God will fight for us!
Neh 4:20

A Movement of
united, strategic, sustainable Prayer

The Church Prayer Watch Initiative

Do you believe that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much? (James 5:16)


The trumpet blast (Neh 4:20) is calling your church (or ministry/prayer group) to take its place on the Colorado Prays Prayer Wall!!!


Imagine 2200 Colorado churches in 24x7 united, strategic, sustainable prayer for Colorado!

  Why Join the Church Prayer Watch?


  • Experience your people actively grow in intimacy with the Father and compassion for one another as they pray

  • Have your church covered in 24x7 prayer in partnership with other churches in the county.

  • Engage more congregants in active prayer ministry - teach them a prayer lifestyle.

  • Enhance your "House of Prayer" - build a culture of prayer.


  • Be an active part of the transformation of your community...Watch as God impacts your community through united prayer resulting in fewer suicides, less crime, better marriages, enhanced graduation rates, more faith & Godliness, less fear, anger & rebellion and more.


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