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Give Him 15: Colorado Ecclesia Rising

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Hi all! Thanks so much for the prayers for our paint the border prayer trip yesterday to the Colorado/New Mexico border at highways 285 and 159. The Lord gave my friend, Sheri, and me a beautiful day, and we discovered some incredible scenery on Hwy 142 that we used to go east on from 285 to 159 close to the border. I had prepared a printed sheet with the Robert Hunt declaration, our state motto (such a good one!), and several verses. We used those in our prayers after I had anointed the highway, along with specific prayers re drug and sex trafficking and anything else that came to mind for our state.

I'd say the best part was at our second border stop. About halfway through the prayer time there, I was able to really relax and lean into Abba Father and share my heart with him, and His presence and closeness was very sweet. I think before that I had been a little nervous about getting the assignment "right." So human of me, right?

I also anointed my car the day before the trip, which seemed the right thing to do. I may do that before any trip I take!

Again, thanks so much for the prayers! God is good!!

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