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Give Him 15: Colorado Ecclesia Rising

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On Aug 26, 80+ people divided among 9 teams went to 8 compass point locations around the border of Colorado and to Hartsel at the center of the state. The Compass Point sites included the 4 corners of the state and the midpoint location on each border (north, south, east & west). Some teams traveled as much as 5 hours to drive to their compass point site. Each team at the border had 4 - 12 participants with another 32 people joined together at Hartsel. A Rear Guard prayer team of 20+ people interceded for the teams from 10am - after 1:00pm. In total, over 100 people engaged AS ONE on Aug 26 to anoint our state, and declare with ONE SOUND that Jesus is enthroned as King over all of Colorado and to announce that the "I AM that I AM" rules over our state.

Decrees were made to prepare the people of Colorado to be clothed in our God's Armor of Light, perfectly aligned with the Truth North Compass of Jesus Christ, remaining emotionally and spiritually stable with no fear or doubt, flowing with Holy Spirit and the joy of the Lord regardless of the shaking, shifting, and sifting that takes place around us.

Last year, over 200 people met at Hartsel to prophetically raise the Tent of Meeting over our state with the center post being in Hartsel. Connecting the "guidewires" was the next phase of that assignment. On Aug 26, we were led to connect the Guidewires across Colorado from corner to corner, and from midpoint to midpoint, across the center of the state anchored at each Compass Point and in Hartsel. They were also prophetically connected to the points where the 6 arrowheads from Dutch Sheets were to be buried in Colorado. They were then connected to the anchor points and guidewires of the Nation creating a prophetic Wheel within a Wheel. The Lord showed the team that is was creating a Divine Power Grid which will ignite the people and land of Colorado to flourish in the power of Holy Spirit. We then "Commanded the Foreword" of Colorado's destiny and purpose and released our God's Fire Whirlwinds of Glory to flood every Colorado community allowing believers to now walk as children of the Light flowing in the fruit of the Spirit (Eph 5: 8-21) and perfectly aligned with the "I AM that I AM".

Check back for reports from the Compass Point Team Leaders and feel free to post any revelation that you receive about this amazing assignment completed on Aug 26, 2023.

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