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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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In the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Boulder, we ask all Cover The County members to forward the following prayer points to believers who will join in prayer for the people of Boulder.

Please pray that.....

  • The atmosphere of Boulder will be permeated with the presence of God and there will be a hunger for Jesus.

  • There would be an honoring of 1st responders

  • A wall of protection now declares "This Will Not Happen Again" and that people will not live in fear.

  • Support services responding to this event (ie: Counseling, Mental Health, Donations) would make a positive impact and respond appropriately to bring health and healing to the community.

  • Specific churches would have specific direction on how to respond.

  • The media would have respect for all of those involved, would not create a frenzy trying to get their story and that an agenda-based narrative would not be created.

  • King Soopers as a company has wisdom as they make decisions to move forward and take care of their store and employees.

  • The true details surrounding this event would be brought to light and that nothing would be hidden....with the delivery of full justice.

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