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In support of Colorado Prays, The PUSH Network helps churches develop an Isaiah 56:7 culture of prayer where "My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations".  The PUSH Network offers teaching clinics on the principles of prayer, encouragement to implement the principles in your church and opportunities for individuals to facilitate phone-based prayer groups.

Colorado Prays encourages believers across the state to facilitate a PUSH Prayer Call via telephone or video conferencing.  Your PUSH Prayer Call can focus on a specific topic (marriages, the city, your church, etc) or a geographic area.

Those interested in hosting a PUSH Network Prayer Call must complete the registration below and will complete a training session to help you learn how to effectively facilitate your Prayer Call. You will also need approval from your pastor to assure that you have a personal covering.


You can advertise your PUSH Network Prayer Call on this site or limit participation to those whom you personally invite to the call.

Questions?   Contact Pastor Ramona Brown  720-971-6377

I Want to Host a PUSH Prayer Call

Thanks for submitting! You will be contacted shortly about your potential PUSH Network Prayer Call

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