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Host a ChURCH prayer watch

Vintage Alarm Clocks

A Simple Prayer Model!


Each participating church or group hosts a 24 hour Prayer Watch (or half day) the same day each month (the 1st Wed, 3rd Saturday, 2nd Monday, etc). The Church or group can complete the Prayer Watch on their own or in partnership with another church.Your Prayer Watch will start at 6pm on the day you choose and end at 6pm the next day.


The 24 hour Prayer Watch can be hosted any way you feel led; at your church, through a teleconference bridge or individually in the homes of your people. 

Recruit people to pray in 30 or 60 minute time slots.  You can manage your signups using an online tool (we recommend or via paper forms available on this site.

Welcome to the spiritual unity of Colorado Prays!

  • Your commitment to join Colorado Prays, means that you agree to host at least one 12 or 24hr Prayer Watch each month for at least 12 months.


  • Pick Your Day from the drop down list in the form below - 1st Monday, 4th Friday, 2nd Tuesday, etc.   

    • Check out the current Prayer Watch coverage in your county.​​

Get Started Today
Church Prayer Watch Coverage

Although it would be helpful if you would pick an open day, feel free to choose whatever day works for your group.


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