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Prayer requests from alternative's pregnancy centers Denver

Prayer Requests

Please pray for a woman who called us in middle of the night desperate for an abortion due to being in an abusive relationship. She disconnected the call with us. Please let the Lord lead her to the resources available to help.

Pray for several woman in our Counseling After Abortion program who are experiencing a lot of crisis and chaos in their lives in addition to their abortion loss and grief. They describe a common feeling of not being able to get their heads above water and feel like they are drowning in suffering and fear of the unknown.

Please pray for a client who recently had a miscarriage and is pregnant again. Due to health complications with her current pregnancy, she will have to deliver the baby at 22 weeks gestation. Please pray for the doctors who will be delivering her baby and for the medical team who will be taking care of her and the baby. Update: We have been in recent contact with her and the doctor is trying to push the delivery out to 30 weeks!

Pray for a pregnant woman we saw yesterday. She is unhoused and "couch-surfing." The father of the baby is being abusive to her and involved with selling drugs.

Pray for a recent client who is having a lot of health problems. Pray that she's able to get the ongoing care she needs through our partner, Bella Health and Wellness.

Please pray for a pregnant client who doesn’t want to have an abortion. The father of the baby is pushing her to do it. He has alcohol problems, is spending their rent money at bars and being unfaithful, leaving her for weeks at a time. They are now facing eviction and she can’t imagine having a baby.

Please pray for students at Dakota Ridge who will walk through the Conquering Stress workshop with A Promising Future (APF) staff later this month. Pray they would leave feeling encouraged and equipped to use healthier coping skills.

Praise the Lord for a wonderful APF Foundations training on Tuesday night. We are thankful for the staff and volunteers who attended and learned more about the curriculum of A Promising Future (APF), our youth education program.

Praise God for the incredible opportunities we have had to speak and engage with churches throughout the city. Pray that we will continue to reach new congregations with the mission of Alternatives.

Praise the Lord for the generosity Alternatives received during Sanctity of Human Life Month.

Pray that God would stir the hearts of those who are passionate about the work of Alternatives and want to serve in the job openings that we have.

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Standing in prayer! Glory be to Him who is willing & able🙏🏽

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