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Family Prayer Team

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Hope House Northern Colorado

Hi Prayer Team,

Thank you for your continued prayers for Hope House and Teen Moms in our community!


Praises to one of our teen moms who finally receive her driver’s license which is an important and necessary step toward self-sufficiency.

Praises for those who have chosen to be sponsors and guests at our upcoming “Hope in Bloom” women’s fundraising brunch. If you would like to support or attend, please visit

Praises for the increase in volunteer engagement!

Prayer Requests:

  • Continue to pray that God would lead us to the right part-time Program Coordinator which we will begin interviewing in the coming weeks.

  • Please continue to pray for one of our teen moms and kiddos who has autism and has begun the Head Start program. Pray that the teen mom would not feel anxious sending child to childcare and that the child would quickly get into the routine.

  • Please continue to pray for the several grants that Hope House has written. Please pray for the grant committees to understand the funding needs of Hope House.

  • Pray that people would begin to consider donating a used car to our Donate2Drive program. Hope House has several teen moms in desperate need of reliable transportation. Every step of their self-sufficiency relies on their ability to go to class or get their child to childcare. Email Colleen for more information at

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