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Family Prayer Team

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Hope House Northern Colorado ( a ministry for teen mothers)

Thank you for your continued prayers for Hope House and Teen Moms in our community!


  • Praise God for helping to connect Hope House to a community partner that helped resolve financial issues for a mom whose car was totaled in an accident. Continue to pray that God would provide transportation for 2 of our teen moms.  

  • Praise God in thanksgiving for those funders who continue to provide grants to Hope House for their programming.

  • Praise God for the two teen moms who have engaged in the GED program. Pray that they would stay dedicated until completion.

  • Praise God for all the hard work of our teen moms in 2023 as they attend the Christmas Store and shop for their families for Christmas. Pray that they would feel a sense of accomplishment and that they would feel loved

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that God would bring the right Board members as Colleen interviews two candidates.

  • Please pray that God would provide a $10,000 collective corporate match for Colorado Gives Day. Hope House currently has a $2000 match.

  • Pray for God to and develop a premature baby that was born and that there would be no complications as he matures.

  • Please continue to pray for God to raise up volunteers to help Hope House with childcare so our teen moms can attend classes, tutoring and counseling.

Colette MacFarlane
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