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We have seen two different little cowboys raised from the dead in last two weeks! One in a bull riding accident a bull rider buddy of Kash’s a Fetzer kid was legally dead in the arena after a bull stepped on his chest and when he was revived they thought for sure his lungs were collapsed because his ribs where crushed in but we were all praying Jesus and he has the 5 broken ribs and a bruise on one of his lungs and an air pocket in his chest but absolutely no punctures and he is hanging out at the rodeo today watching his brother and he is doing good 👍 thanks Jesus. That’s what the nurse was saying . She said the only reason that kid is alive today is Jesus cause he was gone

And another a 3 year old fell into a river riding his toy tractor and was pulled out mile and half down. They were able to get his heart back but he was not breathing on his own and had no brain function. Most Drs advised to pull the plug but one said give him a bit longer… he woke up this morning!!! Jesus!

Praying full recovery for both

Amy Everette

God is so good!!! We give You all the praise and glory Lord God for these miracles! Thank You for Your continuing protection and healing power for those in need across Colorado. Let this be the. Normal testimonies arising statewide. Amen and amen.

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