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Jeffco Civic Prayer Team

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Jefferson County Prayer Call Notes July 3, 2020

Karen Smith (Arvada)

Amy (Parker)

Roz (Arvada)

Lisa (Littleton)

Barbara (Lakewood)

Fridays @ 10:00am

Dial 701-802-5056 Access Code: 8289611#

Focus: Replenishment & Pre-eminence of Christ (Col 1:9-12)


· You are far above all

· You are our Rock, our Ever-Present Help, our Provider, our Protector, You rule over all things…over heaven and earth.

· We declare that everything bows its knee to You Lord God

· We worship Father, Son and Holy Spirit

· We declare that You are Sovereign above all

· We exalt You Lord God above all the earth

· You are our God – we praise You Name (IS 25:1)

· You are The One with all replenishment and glory

· We declare that You glory fills Jeffco and beyond – that no one can deny Your Presence because it resounds across the County

· We declare that You are the conduit of all power and manifestations of miracles in Jeffco


· We declare that every man, woman and child now seeks first the face of God.

· Forgive us Lord for exalting ourselves above our God.

· We ask for a greater humbling to be released upon the people of Jeffco…that all people turn to You Lord God seeking the salvation of Jesus Christ.

· Ps24:7-10 Lift up your heads a ye gates of Jeffco…that the King of glory may come in today.

· We declare that the spirit of God now reigns in all people throughout Jeffco. We welcome Holy Spirit to our county.

· By the blessing of the upright, we declare an increase across Jeffco as the people bless Lord above all things. Prov 11:11

· We declare that the children of Jeffco now respond to their Holy Shephard Jesus Christ because You know everything about them including their needs…thank You for operating on their behalf.

· We declare that the children of Jeffco now see, hear and acknowledge Jesus as their Savior feeling His heartbeat.

· We declare a release of angels and the witnesses of heaven to stir up the hearts and spirits of the children of Jeffco drawing them to Jesus Christ along with their parents.

· We declare that the hearts of parents across Jeffco are now turned to the children and the children turned to the parents.

· We declare restoration of marriages through Jeffco.

· We ask that hearts be changed to moldable, soft hearts for one another.

· We pray for the County Commissioners….to replenish them with Holy Spirit….to build them into the image of God….that the pre-eminence of Christ is evident in their lives.

· We ask Lord God that You reveal Yourself to each County Commissioner…that they have an encounter with You that changes their lives and brings them into alignment with Your will.

· We pray for the business leaders of Jeffco….especially those in great authority over many people…that they have courage an insight to speak Your Truth and Love every day to every person.

· We pray for those who are connected with influential business people….that they are empowered and emboldened to speak the love of Jesus to business leaders…that they hear and acknowledge the power and love of Jesus Christ. We reject religious spirits and strongholds holding back believers from being marketplace ministers….we release every believer to bear much fruit across Jeffco.

· We declare that prophecies, sign, wonders and miracles are now coming forth from believers in the marketplace.

· We declare that non-believers are now set free from bondages of darkness…especially those in government, positions of business leadership and school leadership.

· We declare that the Light of Jesus now awakens the people of Jeffco to the Truth of Jesus as their Savior.

· We declare that Righteousness now arises to replenish Jeffco as a place of the power and love of Jesus.

· We call forth the harvest in Jeffco….let revival come….let churches arise in power and strength to minister to the needs of those who are hurting

· We declare that believers across Jeffco now shine the Light of Jesus by connecting with other people in their spheres of influence… reach out and show the love of Jesus.

· We ask for a recalibration/re-alignment of the church across Jeffco….that their actions and words are now directly from The Father…not from man. Let Your will be done across THE CHURCH of Jeffco.

· We ask Lord for a greater release of the five fold ministry across THE CHURCH of Jeffco…bring forth Your leaders for the full army of God.

· We thank You Lord for dropping spiritual bombs to launch the army of God into full formation to take down the gates of hell.,….we call every leader into their proper position across THE CHURCHH of Jeffco.

· We bind the spirit of jealousy and competition between pastors.

· We declare that there is now a respect, honor and love for one another across THE CHURCH of Jeffco…that they move AS ONE as the Joel army in John 17 complete unity.

· We declare that competition and the silo mentality of church is now take out of THE CHURCH of Jeffco.

· We ask for favor and blessings on the 400 Gathering set for July 13….that Jeffco pastors are highly represented at this gathering…..bless Mike Polhemus and the leadership team… the agenda for the day……anoint every attendee with humility to hear and receive the message and choose to move forward as THE CHURCH of the Front Range.

· We ask for an increase in giftings and maturity among those who will attend the 400 Gathering.

· We call forth new five fold leaders to step forth in boldness into leadership positions across Jeffco.

· We declare that the Jeffco elections will be handled with integrity and honesty….bless George Stern (Clerk & Recorder) with guidance from Father God so that only legal ballots will be counted….that false ballots will be exposed and removed from the elections.

· Guide George Stern in running the elections efficiently and honestly…that voter rolls are properly, legally cleaned up before the Nov. election.

· We declare that only God’s designated people are elected in the upcoming election

· We declare that there will be no major dissention or violence as a result of the upcoming elections.

· We declare that the future of THE CHURCH across Jeffco is led by Holy Spirit…not by man…we remove ungodly influence from demonic entities of any kind.

· We declare that God’s people have the courage and humility to be faithful to God’s will in this new season.

· We declare that THE CHURCH of Jeffco will NOT miss this next move of God for our county.

· We declare that THE CHURCH of Jeffco now locks arms to march forward together AS ONE to accomplish God’s will in this new season.

· We praise You Lord that the body of Christ is now without a Shephard in Jeffco….that we will not scatter or be disillusioned or discouraged.

· We ask for a release of encouragement and replenishment for the body of Christ across Jeffco.

· We declare Ps 103 – blessing the Lord oh my soul forgetting not all His benefits.

· We pray for intercessors and prayer warriors across Jeffco…bless and protect them Lord God.

· We ask for clear vision for intercessors to lock arms in prayer for Your will.

· We call forth more prayer warriors to join together for Jeffco.

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