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Larimer: Berthoud CPT

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Just wanted to put in a two up come date this week for national day of prayer if anyone is interested.

May 2 at Ticket Park in Berthoud at seven o'clock .

May 9 at Pioneer park in Berthoud at 6 pm

Hope to see you there.

Good evening

The Berthoud group has been praying for the following

Praying Grandma that was one of many people who were charged for crimes when being apart of Jan 6 th at the capital in DC. She was found guilty, but she is staying strong in God and knows God has a Purpose through all of this. We are standing with her through prayer.

We also been praying for our schools and children.

Teachers will have the wisdom of God and boldness in teaching our children in a Godly manner.

Praying for our Government and all who are in different offices.

Good evening,

Berthoud prayer team have been focused on different areas that have been close to our heart this mouth.

The board Convoid in Texas. Partying for God's safety over all Involved. Praying that all of America voices will heard.

Continue praying for those running for our town offices, including our Aaron P. For Trustee.

All of our children in the education system, that their minds and hearts and bodies are Protected by the blood of Jesus.

The children coming over the boarder that are being sold for slavery and other evil acts.

Hi everyone, hope everyone had a bless Christmas and New Years! We in Berthoud have been starting to pray Psalms 91 over our town, state and country. We are lifting up our local Police offers , Especially one who was Injured at his home fall off an ladder.

We have one of our own leaders in our church who with Lord leading is going to run for town Trustee. He has been in our town his whole life and knows our town so well. we also lifted up in prayer the Federal government people.

Be standing with us for the complete healing of one our Police officer. As well as holding up Mr. Aaron as he run for town trustees. Thank you so much for all of the prays as we all stand together for our stat!.

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