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Hi everyone, want let everyone know the Thomson school District is have a meeting at New Freedom out reach center, on Thursday October 5 at 7pm. It is open to the public, I believe that is meeting be an question and answer time, and meeting Canadian for spots in our school board. If you are a parent or just someone who cares about our children and how they are tought please come and get educated about who is running for the board if you are able to. Doors open at 6 pm. Either if you are able to or not please be praying with us that men and woman who seek God will be running will place on our school board.

Thank you such for prayers

  • Hello everyone,

    We at Berthoud have been praying over our town, and state. Some of what we have been concentrating on is our town board, praying for them to have Godly wisdom. We have some people who we know and support in running for roles as a trustees.

    We also been praying for our school boards and schools, children.

    We prayed our state government having Godly wisdom in the area of covid 19 .

    We also spent time praying for the areas effected by fires, and earthquake.

    There is so much more, but I will try to put in more updates soon.

  • Hi everyone, wanted to let you all know about a rally happening on July 30 at 3:00 pm at the north Wal-Mart parking lot in Longmont co. This is a rally against human trafficking. They will be doing carafe up hway 287 going towards Loveland co. They will leave @3:30 pm. Please be praying for this event. If we get anymore information we will pass if on.

    We are continuing to pray for those who are trafficked and those traffic human. We are praying for the areas that are known for human trafficking as well. Praying for our schools, school board, children and teachers. We are also been praying for our fellow churches in our town.

    Thank you for praying for the rally taking place in Longmont co.

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    Hello everyone, for the month of June we have been focusing our prayers on our county schools board. We have three positions open for our school board. We are praying for people of God to stand up and take their place on the board. Praying the Lord will Stir the heart of people who he wants on the board.

    We also been praying for out teachers, for protection as well as having boldness stand for Godly principles. We also been pray for our children, the Lord's protection over them.

    We have been lifting up our mayor of our town and town board. Praying they will have wisdom of God on different situations.

    Last but not least our first responder, pray protection and wisdom over them all our fire department, police Department, and EMT's.

  • This month we are spending time pray for our state Sendit and house praying over different bills that going up for vote in our Colorado government. We had a blessed time on National day of prayer we lifted up many different areas of our nation and Colorado. We were blessed to have several different churches come join us in prayer one of our town parks. It was a blessing to see the different people come together in prayer.

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