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Lincoln Civic Prayer Team

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09/02/2022 Lincoln Cover The County Prayer Call

Members Present: Melanie Taylor, Terri Spencer, Micki Hahn & Laurie Bailey

OPENING PRAYER Father, we thank You for this time, that we can come together and can come boldly to Your throne of grace as intercessors for Lincoln County. We thank You that we can make our request known and decree it into existence as gatekeepers and intercessors over Lincoln County. Lord, we do lift up Lincoln County before You. We thank You that You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords over Lincoln County. We ask that You lead us and guide us in our prayers, so we are not speaking from our thoughts but from Your thoughts. We establish You as head over this county and that You are protecting our frontline worker. You are protecting our EMS and our EMTs, our ambulance drivers, our firefighters, our law enforcement. Lord, this Labor Day weekend, we speak Your glory over the highways and the byways. We station Your angelic hosts at every exit and entrance of every highway and byway that covers Lincoln County and ask for your hand of protection against accidents, against lawlessness, or high-speed chases. All in Jesus’ name. Amen PRAYER POINTS For our Leadership and Position of Authority throughout Lincoln County: Limon Mayor – Bo Randolph Limon Town Manager – Greg Tacha Limon Police Chief Lynn Yowell Lincoln County Sheriff Tom Nester Limon Fire Chief Brian Zoril Lord, guide and protect these leaders so they can ensure safety, security, and good decisions. Schools: Limon School District Administrators and Teachers Lord, we decree and declare that boldness and righteousness are present in our education mountain. Boldness for school administration, teachers, and board members to stand up in our county and say “no, our district will not accept the unjust and the evil that is trying to come into our schools”. Lord, we asked that there would be parents that would stand up to school sports on Sunday and say ”no, this day belongs to the Lord!” 7 Areas of Influences: Religion Family Education Government Business Media Arts and Entertainment Father, we pray for each mountain that is represented and in our sphere of influence in this county. We declare righteousness, holiness, truth, and justice into every sphere, in Jesus’ name. For our Families: We decree and declare right now that the spirit of witchcraft over Lincoln County will be shut down. We say you will not speak to our children; you will not draw them in, in Jesus’ name. We remove the right of the

enemy to claim our children and to cause them to be drawn to the magic in witchcraft and curses. Right now, in Jesus name, we decree the blood over our children and we say “no, you are not allowed in this region. Every curse that you speak, every word that you use to try to claim our children will be confused and jumbled. It will make no sense, and there will be no draw or desire for any bit of it right now in Jesus’ name. We declare our King Jesus rules and reigns over Lincoln County and therefore you do not have a right, in Jesus’ name. Amen We remain true to conservative values; to anti-abortion, to maintaining the family, and protecting the children. We pray that this holiday weekend would be a time of fellowship for family and the drawing together, a time of rest. For our Churches: The windows of the store houses h