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Warrior Bride

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A prayer for the day:

Lord, You have prepared me--

With the soul of a warrior

The faith of a child

The heart of a lover

The voice of a prophet

Amy Everette
Amy Everette
23 de mar.

Wow! What a powerful morning prayer!!! God bless you Mary Ann!!


I Am The Storm


Warrior Bride Position

Outward Focused – Fighter Mindset

Seated in Heavenly places IN Jesus – Eph 2:6

Functions as a Son of God

Operate AS ONE (John 17) with others

Prayers: Decrees and Declarations of authority in Christ (Rev 2:26)


Victor Stance

Christ focused

Connect with Holy Spirit’s power

Gaining Authority – over your mind, will, emotions & body

Stand in Kingly authority - 1Pet 2:5

Prayers: Bold commands to your soul & body – Align with Holy Spirit!!



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