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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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Post from Wanda Alger this morning which I read on our call.

"I was reminded this weekend that our primary focus MUST be on the work that Holy Spirit is doing in the earth - not on what the enemy is doing, and not when President Trump will return. Yes, we must continue to expose the works of darkness and bring others into the light of truth. And yes, we must continue to pray for our rightfully elected President, for both his safety as well as God's destiny before him. Even so, our FOCUS needs to stay on the real goal before us - and that is to prepare the way for God's presence and power to manifest in fullness on the earth.

For those who are sensitive to the spiritual realm, there has been an increasing SHIFT in the atmosphere from fear to faith, from cowardice to courage, and from apathy to authority. We are realizing our role in this ongoing process of sanctification and learning the true power we have when we rise up in boldness against the demonic giants in the land. Our national deliverance is not coming about by simply rebuking or casting out demonic strongholds. These principalities and powers are being SQUEEZED out by a people of God that are taking their place in the King’s court. As we continue to RAISE A HALLELUJAH over our enemies and declare the authority of the King, these giants will keep on falling, one by one, until there’s none left standing.

Do not pull back in your songs of praise. Do not back down in your stand for the truth. And do not let voices of doubt deter you from continuing this race toward the prize. The day of vindication and justice is coming. God’s word never returns void."


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Here is also a link to a great video she recently posted:

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