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Weekly Prayer for Colorado

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Colorado Weekly Prayer Call Oct 2, 2023

Amy Everette (Parker) Janet (Montrose) Ann (Castle Rock) Deb (Littleton) Shirley (Monte Vista) Tony & Hazel (Henderson) Collette (Aurora) Karen (Pagosa Springs) Evie (Parker) Joy & Doyle (Arvada) Mary (Longmont) Karis (Montrose)

Mondays @ 9:15am

(425) 436-6328 Access Code: 3449888# *6 to Mute/Unmute

Prayer Focus: Marketplace

Key Scriptures:

Col 3: 23-24 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.



· We thank You Lord for what You are doing in Grand Junction…for raising up churches to stand guard with a Church Prayer Watch…for intercessors to engage with the Civic Prayer Team.

· We decrees Ps 67 God, keep us near your mercy-fountain and bless us! And when you look down on us, may your face beam with joy! Pause in his presence 2Send us out all over the world so that everyone everywhere will discover your ways and know who you are and see your power to save. 3Let all the nations burst forth with praise; let everyone everywhere love and enjoy you! 4Then how glad the nations will be when you are their King. They will sing, they will shout, for you give true justice to the people. Yes! You, Lord, are the shepherd of the nations! Pause in his presence 5No wonder the peoples praise you! Let all the people praise you more! 6The harvest of the earth is here! God, the very God we worship, keeps us satisfied at his banquet of blessings. 7And the blessings keep coming! All the ends of the earth will give him the honor he deserves and be in awe of him! Ps 19 We declare that Jesus is King of kings…Lord of Lords

· Jer 10: 6-7 No one is like you, Lord; you are great, and your name is mighty in power. 7 Who should not fear you, King of the nations? This is your due. Among all the wise leaders of the nations and in all their kingdoms, there is no one like you.

· Ps 146 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! My innermost being will praise you, Lord! 2I will spend my life praising you and singing high praises to you, my God, every day of my life! 3-4We can never look to men for help; no matter who they are, they can’t save us, for even our great leaders fail and fall.

· They too are just mortals who will one day die. At death the spirits of all depart and their bodies return to dust. In the day of their death all their projects and plans are over. 5But those who hope in the Lord will be happy and pleased! Our help comes from the God of Jacob! 6You keep all your promises. You are the Creator of heaven’s glory, earth’s grandeur, and the ocean’s greatness. 7The oppressed get justice with you. The hungry are satisfied with you. Prisoners find their freedom with you. 8You open the eyes of the blind, and you fully restore those bent over with shame. You love those who love and honor you.9You watch over strangers and immigrants and support the fatherless and widows. But you subvert the plans of the ungodly. 10Lord, you will reign forever! Zion’s God will rule throughout time and eternity! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

· Ps 29 Proclaim his majesty, all you mighty sons of Yahweh, giving all the glory and strength back to him! 2Be in awe before his majesty. Be in awe before such power and might! Come worship wonderful Yahweh, arrayed in all his splendor, bowing in worship as he appears in the beauty of holiness. Give him the honor due his name. Worship him wearing the glory-garments of your holy, priestly calling! 3-4The voice of the Lord echoes through the skies and seas. The Glory-God reigns as he thunders in the clouds. So powerful is his voice, so brilliant and bright— how majestic as he thunders over the great waters! 5His tympanic thunder topples the strongest of trees. His symphonic sound splinters the mighty forests. 6Now he moves Zion’s mountains by the might of his voice, shaking the snowy peaks with his earsplitting sound! 7The lightning-fire flashes, striking as he speaks. 8God reveals himself when he makes the fault lines quake, shaking deserts, speaking his voice. 9God’s mighty voice makes the deer to give birth. His thunderbolt-voice lays the forest bare. In his temple all fall before him with each one shouting, “Glory, glory, the God of glory!” 10Above the furious flood, the Enthroned One reigns, the King-God rules with eternity at his side. 11This is the one who gives his strength and might to his people. This is the Lord giving us his kiss of peace.

· Rom 8: 34 Who then is left to condemn us? Certainly not Jesus, the Anointed One! For he gave his life for us, and even more than that, he has conquered death and is now risen, exalted, and enthroned by God at his right hand. So how could he possibly condemn us since he is continually praying for our triumph?


· We thank you Lord for witty inventions that you give people in the marketplace…especially in the medical field for healing. We ask Lord that you prosper those who seek news ways to bring healing to people statewide.

· We ask Lord that Your holiness now swallow up Colorado – especially the marketplace…let it prosper and thrive in Your righteousness.

· We thank you Lord that godly men and women now thrive in Colorado.

· We declare that Colorado businesses that honor You are now bullet-proof….that no weapon formed against them can prosper….that other business owners are brought to jealously wanting to know what the godly businesses have that makes them successful.

· We now close the gate of Colorado to ungodly businesses….we shut the doors of provision to immoral and ungodly business owners.

· We say no by the Blood of the Lamb to looting, chaos or thievery in Colorado.

· We declare that righteous people will now flourish in the Colorado marketplace.

· We raise up business people who are deceived into offering ungodly products or services…we call them into the Kingdom of God.

· We thank You Lord for a release of Your Glory which brings new ideas for marketing, new products, new services that the meet the needs of the people of Colorado.

· We declare that the economy of Colorado is now roaring back to provision beyond our need…that we can meet the needs of surrounding states.

· We ask Lord for creativity to be released into the marketplace that business people will find ways to bring glory and honor to You Lord God.

· We ask Lord that fall harvest be more than bountiful….let every field be healed and corrected from toxins or weather issues.

· We ask Lord that First Nations people have favor to bring forth their wisdom, knowledge and stewardship of the earth…let them thrive as they develop new sources of business and income.

· We decree Deut 8:18 But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.

· We declare that people in the marketplace now give thanks to You Lord God for their every blessing and provision.

· We declare that Colorado businesses now come into right alignment and order with the Lord God Almighty…given God all the glory due to Him.

· We decree Ecc 5:19 Moreover, when God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil—this is a gift of God.

· We thank You Lord that people across Colorado now acknowledge the gift of God that provides jobs, income and business.

· Let the people give You praise, glory and honor for You are our Provider.

· We decree 2Cor 2:14 But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere.

· Forgive us Lord for forgetting that You are our Provider…that all wealth comes from You….not from the work of our hands.

· But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matt 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

· We stand in awe of You Lord God as our boss, partner and advocate in every Colorado business.

· Ecc 2: 10-11 denied myself nothing my eyes desired; I refused my heart no pleasure. My heart took delight in all my labor, and this was the reward for all my toil. 11 Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.

· We declare that the wealth of the wicked will now be transferred to the righteous across of Colorado.

· Ecc 5:20 They seldom reflect on the days of their life, because God keeps them occupied with gladness of heart. We thank You Lord for a release of the joy of the Lord into the Colorado marketplace.

· We declare that every business in Colorado belongs to You Lord God…let every business owner dedicate their business to You alone.

· We declare that farmers and ranchers across Colorado now produce an abundance of supply of food for Colorado and beyond.

· We ask Lord that business owners now stand for biblical righteousness and no longer submit to evil or corruption.

· We declare that across Colorado evil is now called evil and good is now called good.

· We declare that whistleblowers in businesses across Colorado are now fully shielded and protected.

· We decree Prov 13:11 that…. Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.

· We ask Lord that laws harmful to small businesses are taken down and reversed across our state. We bless every small business…let each one prosper abundantly.

· In the face of lawlessness…..we decree a release of lawfulness…that every marketplace person stands against worldly lawlessness while standing for righteousness and godly laws.

· We ask for the release of great wisdom and discernment for business owners and managers statewide….let them operate in Kingdom ways.

· We pray for those in government who make the rules and laws….let each one recognize and flow in common sense understanding of righteous laws to be enacted and enforced.

· We declare that Colorado workers now arise with solid work habits and a burning desire to engage in employment with integrity.

· We ask for a quickening in the hearts of people collecting unemployment and other government funds….cause them to a fire burning in them to want to contribute to society and become who God has called them to be in the Kingdom of God.

· We ask Lord for righteousness to be restored to the foster care system…..let them serve children in their family rather than running a business.

· We ask Lord that people learn to take care of the children and widows in godly ways.

· Based on Rom 4:13 We decree that there is now more abuse of children in the foster care system.

· We release the Spirit of Adoption into the foster care system….that foster parents now choose to adopt and love the foster kids for life.

· We ask Lord for more teachings in schools to teach children entrepreneurship, the trades and other skills that give them a strong work ethic.

· We now cancel laws that take children away from parents who do not want them to transition to a different gender.

· We ask Lord that warring angels now proceed to fight on behalf of parents that affected by laws requiring them to cooperate with the transition of their children…..set them free from the requirements…free them to stand for the health of their children.

· We declare that the roar of the Lion of Judah is now pushing back all evil and dark laws from Colorado legislation.

· We thank You Lord that schools are now offering classes that teach a strong work ethic to children and teens.

· We declare that the enemy will be chased and caught as the sons and daughters of the one True God continue to stand in prayer and worship across Colorado.

· We declare thanks and praise Lord God that we have seen and will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

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