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Arapahoe Civic Prayer Team

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Good evening children of the Most High God,

This morning's prayer was brief but Holy Ghost filled! Amen.

We prayed God's goodness and blessings over Arapahoe county and our nation. Scriptures references were:

Romans 8:28; "All things are working...."

Psalm 25:8; "Good and upright is the LORD..."

Psalm 27:13; " I remain confident of this...."

Ephesians 6:10-18 (paraphrased throughout the prayer)

The sovereignty of God is at work in the earth today; and he will bring all things to fruition (Matthew 6:10) because he is "Good" like that!

On August 19, 2021, @ 06:45 am, same Zoom link, next Thursday, we will continue in the same vein of God's Goodness even as the winds of life are blowing relentlessly; the storm still raging; we will not be dismayed nor confused nor afraid. Jesus came to speak to the winds and the waves (of life) in the power given to him from on High. They ceased at the sound of his voice! So that is the One who we are calling upon!


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