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PRAYER POINTS (from June 2024 Prayer Digest):

1. We declare, in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ, that all idols that are falsely worshiped in Colorado through arts and entertainment of all kinds are now being exposed and destroyed because Jesus is the only One to be worshipped and glorified in our State.

2. We declare that our God is now taking all hearts of stone in the arts and entertainment industry here in Colorado and turning them to flesh.

3. We declare that believers in every form of Colorado arts and entertainment are humble and pliable in His hands, fashioned for His good works.

4. We declare that every church in Colorado is full of praise and adoration for Jesus through various forms of art and entertainment.

5. We declare that every Colorado family is now gathering around the centerpiece of Christ in their homes and worship flows freely, bringing life and restoration to all.

6. We ask, Lord God, that Colorado arts and entertainment now declares God is good!

7. We proclaim the high praise of God is on the lips of every Colorado believer, forging a weapon of mass destruction against the powers of darkness.

8. We declare by faith that thankfulness and gratefulness are now themes in all forms of art and entertainment across Colorado which softens hearts of believers and non-believers.

9. We lift up the banner of Jesus over Colorado to protect, guide, and flourish our homes, businesses and churches for His glory!

Lisa DuBois

Thank you Raica! Hope you will join our next prayer call: Monday morning, July 8, 9:30am



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