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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Good morning! This is your friendly reminder that our

Elbert County Prayer Call is TOMORROW morning, Thursday 3/18 from 7 am to 8 am.

Prayer Call Info

Date: 3rd Thursday 7am - 8am

Conference Call Info:

(425) 436-6315

Access Code: 5531736

Looking forward to praying with you tomorrow morning! Mary Powell


Prayer points :

1. We continue prayer for godly men and women to step up to run for Elizabeth School Board, to fill positions for those whose terms are ending November 2021.

2. We pray for those who have been affected by suicides – we have a local family here in Elizabeth that has suffered from a family member taking his life.

3. We pray regarding the upcoming Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trials on infants and children. We pray that the pharmaceutical companies use God-given wisdom in running and interpreting these trials, and for protection of the children involved.

4. We pray for Elbert County Commissioners, Chris Richardson, Grant Thayer and Rick Pettit. Pray as they make decisions related to the governing of our county overall. Pray especially for:

a. Their wisdom related to decisions for our rural community. Pray that the need for Elbert-county based business opportunities to keep jobs and tax bases in the county is balanced against needs to maintain our rural way of living. Pray that the citizens understand this balancing act. Pray also for decisions related to new home developments.

b. Proposed regulation that would disallow Commissioners in counties with under 100k people to act as the County Board of Health. This proposal was brought up by a LARGE county, and appears to have no science or practical reasoning behind it.

5. For the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, for efficiency, for citizens in making decisions as to whether or not to get the vaccine. Pray for those who do, that they suffer no ill effects from the vaccine, and that it is effective in protecting them.

6. For groups such as Elbert County Stands UP and Protect Elbert County, etc., in their efforts to educate people about conservative issues in our society today. Pray for them to have discernment in their efforts, and pray for Elbert County citizens to make their voices heard in constructive ways.

7. For the efforts of the Town of Elizabeth to pass a resolution similar to town of Monument, related to unconstitutional limitations imposed by Governor Polis for Covid-19 restrictions. Pray for discernment for town trustees, for wisdom and for boldness where required.

8. Pray that the agricultural way of life in Elbert County is preserved and passed along to future generations.

9. Pray for other Elbert County officials, for wisdom and clarity as they perform their county duties.

a. Sheriff Tim Norton and his Deputies

b. Dallas Schroeder, Clerk & Recorder

c. Sheryl Hewlett, Treasurer

d. Susan Murphy, Assessor

e. Sandra Graeff, Coroner

f. Keith Westfall, Surveyor

10. Pray for our State and National representatives also for wisdom and clarity and boldness as they represent our interests:

a. Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennett. Pray for their discernment to vote constitutionally and in the best interests of the American citizen, especially as there is very concerning legislation hitting their agendas for votes soon.

b. Congressman Ken Buck, that he continues to vote for conservative values in the House of Representatives.

c. Governor Jared Polis

d. Colorado State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg

e. Colorado Representative Richard Holtorf

f. Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold

g. Colorado Attorney General Phil Weisner

9. Pray for candidates for Colorado Republican Chair and Vice Chair, that whoever is elected will lead the Colorado Republican party in conservative and Constitutional integrity.

10. Pray for the health and viability of Elbert County businesses! Pray for owners to be led by the Holy Spirit in making decisions, operating their businesses, and that all of these businesses are BLESSED!

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