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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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WEEKLY PRAYER DURING COLORADO LEGISLATIVE SESSION! Please see info below, and prayerfully consider participating and rallying others to participate!

Nehemiah 4:20: “ Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet rally to us there. Our God will fight for us."

Would you please help us rally the troops across Colorado by sending this out to as many as you can think of?

The “Orientation Meeting” is on Monday, January 10th at 9:00 AM at the KPOF building at 1340 N. Sherman St, Denver.

Weekly Prayer at The State Capitol January 12th is the starting session of our Colorado legislature. You are invited to come to the Capitol to pray! My name is Steven Ferrante and I am the pastor of Park Fellowship Church in Estes Park, CO. Over the past several months our church along with many others in the state have purposed in our hearts to see Colorado taken back from the enemy of our souls. We have visited all 64 counties in the state to make declarations regarding God's sovereign position over our state and have driven stakes on church property in all 64 counties as a symbolic image that true government comes from God through His covenant people. Since following the Holy Spirit's direction in this process, God has begun to open doors for the church in Colorado. I was approached by one of our state representatives who asked that I help coordinate a prayer covering for the next legislative session which begins in January. Pastor Blake Bush (One Hope Colorado) has come alongside me to help in this effort. We are reaching out to Spirit led, Bible believing churches in all 64 counties. Churches that lean upon the power of the Holy Spirit. We are asking that Christ followers in each county take an assigned date of the legislative session, travel to the capitol and intercede in the gallery of the house and senate chambers and in any committee meeting(s) that happens on your assigned date. We are asking that many intercessors, pastors, etc. commit for a day to pray in the state capitol. Also pastors, people of prayer, etc. may come any other day of the legislative session not assigned to their county and pray on those days as well. (Click here for a flyer) The darkness that pervades our government must be opposed and overcome by the church. We want to represent Jesus well. We are not coming to agitate but to stand in the gap for the Christians who are involved in government, to pray down strongholds, to ask for evil plans to be exposed and eliminated, etc. This is definitely at Kairos moment for the church. Let us, as the people of God, seize upon this open door the Lord has given to us. Want to Sign Up for a Day to Pray at The Capitol? Click Here Want to Learn More about what Prayer at The Capitol entails? Click Here for FAQ Doc There will be an orientation meeting on January 10 (location/time soon to be announced). If you have questions please submit them via email to This will keep things as streamlined as possible. Also, be asking God to open the door for a time of praise and worship to occur in the capitol building on a regular basis. Pastor Blake is looking into this possibility. Praise and worship are powerful instruments of warfare. He is also reaching out to current and former legislators and senators for advice and council in taking this mountain for Jesus. Blessings Pastor Steve Ferrante and Pastor Blake Bush. steve@parkfellowship.org

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