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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Father God, we PRAISE you today...we know that in the spiritual, you have already answered our prayers for Donald Trump to win a 2nd term, and we wait with hope and excitement for that to manifest in the natural. In the meantime, we watch with wonder and in awe of Your actions to bring deception, lies and fraud out into the open, which would not have happened if there had been a clean sweep for Donald Trump immediately on Nov 3. You are cleansing our nation! We pray for our hope and faith to remain steadfast, Lord! We pray for the protection of the President and Vice President and their families!

We continue to pray, praising and worshipping You, Lord, for the wonders You are currently bringing to pass, and for those yet to come!

In the most holy and precious name of Jesus Christ, our Sovereign Lord and Savior! AMEN!!

Amy Everette
Amy Everette
06 de nov. de 2020

Yes and amen!


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