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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Good morning! Here is your friendly reminder that our monthly prayer call for Elbert County is TOMORROW morning, Thursday Feb 18, from 7 am to 8 am. Please put this on your calendar and plan to join us! Corporate prayer is VERY pleasing to the Lord! And, there is SO much to pray for! "See" you in the morning!

Mary Powell


Prayer Call Info

Date: 3rd Thursday 7am - 8am

Conference Call Info:

(425) 436-6315

Access Code: 5531736

Below are the prayer points I know of at this time:


1. Pray for our school districts in Elbert County , for wisdom for all of the school board members and for students and parents as well. Pray for the potential 3 openings on the Elizabeth School Board (3 of the members’ terms end Nov 2021). Pray for godly candidates to come forth. Guide and direct candidates and the citizens when the School Board election comes.

2. Pray for Elbert County Commissioners, Chris Richardson, Grant Thayer and Rick Pettit. Pray as they make decisions related to the governing of our county overall. Pray especially for:

a. Pray that all rural counties are appropriately considered, as their needs and concerns differ than the big urban counties. However, rural areas’ small business agriculture and oil and gas issues affect ALL of Colorado. Pray for wisdom, integrity and discernment of all of our Colorado General Assembly in these areas, and especially pray for our County Commissioners, along with our State Senators and Representatives (especially Richard Holtorff), in bringing Elbert County’s needs, and all rural counties needs, clearly and decisively before our Colorado legislature.

b. Continued prayer related to proposed regulation, that would disallow Commissioners in counties with under 100k people, to act as the County Board of Health. This was brought up by a LARGE county, and appears to have no science or practical reasoning behind it.

3. Pray for Sheriff Tim Norton and his entire team, for their safety and health. Pray for more people to apply for deputy sheriff positions.

4. Pray for all other Elbert County officials, first responders, that they will seek the Lord in performing their duties.

5. Pray for our County Commissioners as they work on COVID-mitigation and regulation and vaccine distribution issues. Pray for their discernment and wisdom.

6. Pray for our governor and Colorado General Assembly, especially our representative Richard Holtorff, for his safety, protection, wisdom, and open heart to follow the will of the Lord.

7. Pray for godly candidates to emerge for our 2021 School Board openings, as well as for 2022 gubernatorial openings and for legislative openings at state and federal levels. Pray that the Lord clearly calls candidates who will represent our local, state and federal issues with integrity, with prayer, and with intention to follow our State and Federal Constitutions.

8. Blessings to our Elbert County Republican new officers, voted in as of 2/10/21/ Tom Peterson re-elected as Chairman, Carol Hinds as Vice Chair, and two new folks voted in as Secretary and Treasurer. Pray the Lord gives them direction and opportunity to support Republican conservative candidates for openings at all levels.

9. Pray for candidates for Colorado Republican Chair and Vice Chair, that whoever is elected will lead the Colorado Republican party in conservative and Constitutional integrity.


Feb 19, 2021

Hi Mary. Would it fit in the prayer list to pray for the health and viability of small businesses in the county? Thanks for leading us!


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