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Jeffco Civic Prayer Team

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Jefferson County

Prayer Call Notes

August 21, 2020

Karen (Arvada)

Roz (Arvada)

Katherine (Arvada)

Lisa (Littleton)

Amy (Parker)

Fridays @ 10:00am

Dial 701-802-5056 Access Code: 8289611#


Jeffco Schools and children


Is 9:6

Ps 115:1-3

You are a faithful God, nothing is too difficult or impossible for You.

You answer our prayers.

You turn kings hearts like watercourses.

You are holy.

We trust You


I declare You are the Prince of peace that will rule in the hearts of children, teachers, administrators and parents.

We send forth God’s wisdom to the administrators and teachers. James 3:17-18

We ask You to move in the hearts of these administrators and teachers, for the body of Christ to witness to them.

They will receive the peace of the Lord.

We bind a spirit of confusion, and loose a sound mind over them. We declare unity, harmony and peace over them.

We cover the families with the blood of Jesus.

We ask that children return to school.

We say, “No to the enemy who is trying to steal education from our children.” We declare that our children will be taught of the Lord, in the fear and admonition of the Lord. All of God’s plans and purposes for their lives will come to pass.

Those being sex trafficked are covered by the blood of the Lamb. We declare protection over them.

We declare every perpetrator be exposed and brought to justice. Thank You for the hotline that is effective in this.

We ask for angelic watchmen around each one in bondage, that they’ll sound the alarm, setting the held free.

County Commissioners: Szabo, Tighe, Dahlkemper-We ask that You break into their minds with wisdom and favor. They will forsake foolishness. We bind up the spirit of fear that paralyzes, and loose the love of Jesus over other county leaders, causing the peace of God to rule and reign in their minds, hearts and bodies.

Children will encounter Jesus on the internet.

We ask for the breath of hope come into our children.

Help us to be conduits of peace and hope that will bring them to Jesus.

We ask for our leaders’ marriages and families that there would be peace, understanding, healing and love.

We call the body of Christ of up into action with the heart of God and be the answer.

We call for unity in the body of Christ. Break down the walls and dismantle the silos that we will reach out and be the sign that points to Jesus.

We ask You would help our teachers and parents.

We call down the accuser of the brethren. People would be the solution, not the problem.

Ps 131-Let us be like a weaned child before You. Guide us clearly. Bring forth healing.

We speak healing over Jeffco-our people, our land from fear and anxiety. We speak shalom over Jeffco. We speak joy over Jeffco.

We ask that You would send the rain (physical and spiritual), healing the land, washing away every evil thing.

Let our prayers tip the scales. Bring in more people to pray, those that are discouraged and have lost hope. Restore those wells.

We ask for boldness and righteous anger for the body of Christ who will stand up under persecution.

We ask for Your intervention-in elections and leadership. Wicked will be removed, righteous set up.

We put a blood line of protection around Jeffco.

Praise and Thanks

You hear our prayers and answer them.

We thank You for Your presence on this call.

Meeting Info

This group prays for the people and issues affecting Jeffers...


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