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Jeffco Civic Prayer Team

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Jefferson County

Prayer Call Notes

October 21, 2020

Karen (Arvada)

Roz (Arvada)

Katherine (Arvada)

Donna (Arvada)

Lisa (Littleton)

Wednesdays @ Noon

Dial 701-802-5056 Access Code: 8289611#


Ps 117-Glorious Praise

Ps 146-Our True Help

Ps 115-The One True God


Isaiah 6-Cleanse our lips, LORD.

We ask for lack of forgiveness.


We ask for Your help and provision for the needy in Jeffco.

We bind up any attempts to control who goes to the election polls.

We declare that truth will prevail and reign.

We declare Proverbs 21:7.

We cover hatred and division with the blood of Jesus.

We ask for repentance to come forth.

We ask that the body of Christ would be true ambassadors of Christ so the lost will come to Christ.

Let the body of Christ rise up and respond in love to those who are wounded and oppose You, LORD.

We ask for healing for the wounded gentiles and they will come to Christ.

We ask for Holy Spirit to be released in Jeffco.

We ask for our hearts to be aligned with Yours, LORD.

We ask that we would hear and say what the Father is saying and do what we see the Father doing.

We ask for healing in families, marriages and children’s relationships with parents.

Please protect our children from any harm.

We declare that children will keep up and excel in their studies.

We speak “Shalom” over children in Jeffco.

We ask for the seed of their God-given destiny to come forth and be watered by the Holy Spirit.

We ask that the message of the cross be raised up in every church in Jeffco.

Ezekiel 45:9-10

We ask for the righteous to receive the favor of man and God.

We ask for the righteous and just to be seated in this election.

Daniel 9:19

Praise and Thanks

Wiz Kids leader shared meaning of kids’ names and blessed each child with God’s vision.

You, LORD, hear and answer our prayers. We will be amazed at Your goodness and faithfulness.

Your grace is sufficient in all things and at all times.

Meeting Info

This group prays for the people and issues affecting Jeffers...


  • 24 May Fri | 'Jeffco Civic Prayer Team Re-Launch'

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