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Larimer: Berthoud CPT

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Amy Everette
February 16, 2023 · added a group cover image.
Unknown member
Apr 15, 2023

As a member of the Berthoud group, I will be putting in info about what the Lord has put on our hearts pray for in our area. We pray over areas but there has been a couple of areas that has been on our hear our town government and those who represent us. We also been pray for our schools, school boards , teachers etc. we have school board meetings coming up they will be have open floors for people to speak in the next weeks. We are pray God's goodness in people as they speak his truth. As I get dates I will post them, the meeting will be at our high school and junior high school.

Praise God we are seeing peoples eyes being open and seeing the evil that is being tough to our children. Truth is coming forth and healing is coming in our town and nation!


Meeting Details

Welcome to the Civic Prayer Team for Berthoud. We look forwa...
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