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Kingdom Stewards Network Prayer Alert! Redeem Colorado Waterways and Infrastructure Oct 25, 3032 Prophetic Insight: A prayer Team has received a prophetic warning about the water infrastructure across Colorado. Please pray as the Lord leads you to redeem and bless our waterways and infrastructure statewide. The following declarations provide a guide for your prayers for Colorado waters. Background Info: We are taking a stand to defend our state against the powers of darkness that want to destroy our state. Several weeks ago, numerous Witches Paddle events took place on Colorado waters. We need to counter anything that was done during those events, and any other events in our state. Some Stewards are taking oil from Command the Foreword along with oil and a shofar to nearby water sources to Redeem and bless our water supply and infrastructure. 1. We declare and decree that the sound and power of the I Am that I AM is now…

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