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Lincoln Civic Prayer Team

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08-19-2022 Lincoln Cover The County Prayer Call Those present:

Melanie Taylor

Kim Quintana

Micki Hahn

Laurie Bailey

Terri Spencer

June Hendricks

Opening Prayer: Father, we thank you for this time that we can gather together to pray to lift up Lincoln County. First, we lift up You. We declare that You are Lord of Lincoln County we declare that You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We pray for discernment and wisdom. We pray for a spirit of unity. You put everything in Your proper Kingdom order, so we declare Kingdom order right now in Jesus’ name! We put a “NO” in the spiritual atmosphere right now, not allowing ungodly agendas to affect our county and for hidden agendas to be made known. We also come against the spirit of fear. We declare Isaiah 60 over Lincoln County, Colorado; arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. We seal these prayers with the blood of Jesus. Amen!


All First Responders, Law Enforcement, Fire Department and Ambulance Service: Limon Police Chief Lynn Yowell Lincoln County Sheriff Tom Nester Limon Fire Chief Brian Zoril Board members of the Fire Department; Chris Monks, Kurt Thompson, Teresa Thompson, John Higgins, and Mark Morrison

Schools: That older staff who are ethical, Godly people in position of influence, will stay rather than retiring soon. Lyman Michael, Erin We pray protection over homeschoolers, that there would not be restrictions and mandates against them. We declare freedom and blessing over our homeschoolers

For our Leaders and those in Position of Authority throughout Lincoln County: Limon Mayor Bo Randolph, County Attorney Stan Kimball County Commissioners Doug Stone, Steve Burgess, Ed Schifferns, Wayne Ewing, or any other candidate We thank You, Father, for equipping our leaders and making them strong. We ask that within our leaders, You would give them Kingdom perspective, Kingdom wisdom, Kingdom discernment, and the boldness to stand and be courageous in a time when the world is going in the opposite direction.

For our Families: Unity and a oneness in our family’s, and that there would be bonding. For them put down devices and have conversation with one another. We decree that there will be strong bonded wholesome Godly families in this county. We lift up the families of Lincoln County to walk in righteousness, in identity and in destiny of knowing who they are. We plead the blood of Jesus over each one of us and our families

For our Community: We pray for all evil to be exposed, and that we would be forewarned so that we could be actively led by You.

For our Churches: We pray for our eyes to even open further to what You're doing, every sphere of influence and on every mountain. That our local fellowships would seek Your face, Your truth, Your wisdom. That they would no longer walk in religious mandates but would look to You for what truth is and what righteousness is. We pray that all could come together as one; not just in unity but as one as Jesus was one with You. We pray for all fellowships in Lincoln County, that the churches would be established upon You Jesus, for You are the true corner stone. Bring an awakening and a revival to Lincoln County to be established and known as a community of Jesus, that we are known around the state of Colorado as the hub for Jesus and righteousness.

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