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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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We will have our Elbert County prayer call this coming Thursday, but I am asking for specific prayer TODAY for the Elizabeth School Board meeting which is TONIGHT at 6 pm.

There are some high feelings going on right now about some issues in our school district. Please pray for the following:

1) That people can make their opinions known in a respectful and calm manner tonight during public comments.

2) That the Board will listen and take heed of what they hear;

3) That the meeting tonight is productive;

4) That the TOP PRIORITY is ALWAYS the best interests of our students in EVERY DECISION and in every ACTION and DISCUSSION;

5) That the Holy Spirit is present throughout, in the hearts of all Board members, Interim Superintendent, and all staff, parents and community members who attend.

Thank you!

Mary Powell

Feb 15, 2023

Does anyone know how that meeting went?


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