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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Hello everyone! Tomorrow, Thursday 9/17 from 7 am - 8 am, is our FIRST Elbert County - Cover the County monthly call! I am excited, and I hope you are too!

Below is the call in information, some general info, AND the prayer points we will be covering tomorrow. I am excited to pray with you all in the morning!

Prayer Call Info

Date: 3rd Thursday 7am - 8am (First one 9/17)

Conference Call Info:

(425) 436-6315

Access Code: 5531736

NOTE: You may have received an email about loading the "Wix App". Please disregard that email. If you have joined the group, you are already in the Wix app.


1 DIAL IN to the call tomorrow morning at 7 am or as close to that as you can. Be sure to have the access code handy, too!

2. I will ask you to identify yourself, and what town you live in.

3. We will begin prayer with Praise and Repentence, and feel free to read a scripture verse or two if you would like.

4. Feel free to pray as you feel led. We will not do any praying in tongues during these calls. Thank you for your understanding on that.

5. We will do our best to keep the call to the allotted 1 hour. If it goes over a bit, however, feel free to drop off if you need to before the call ends.

6. Please pray that our call is Spirit led with our County in mind!

PRAYER POINTS 9-17-2020 Elbert Cover the County Call

A. Pray for Elbert County School Districts as they are working on making school attendance be as productive as possible. Pray for students and teachers as they deal with COVID restrictions, and pray those restrictions are released soon. Pray for teachers, students and parents, for patience to deal with the restricted conditions right now.

B. Pray that COVID cases in Elbert County stay low and diminish even further until no restrictions are required. Pray for Board of County Commissioners, that the CARES Funding received by the county for COVID mitigation is used wisely and effectively.

C. Pray for the town of Kiowa related to the issue of repealing prohibitions on sale of medical and recreational marijuana sales, that the proposal will be voted down, and the prohibitions in the town ordinances will be upheld.

D. Pray that all in Elbert County are registered to vote and will follow through with voting. Pray for the passage of Proposition 115, Due Date Too Late, prohibiting abortion after 22 weeks in Colorado.

E. Pray for the Elbert County Commissioners, that their support of sheriffs and officers in Elbert County remains firm;, that they continue to recognize the role of the Sheriff and his Deputies in quelling riots and affrays; they they continue to reaffirm Sheriff’s authority to deputize any citizen as needed, and the rights of all individuals to protect themselves and their property. Praise for the county’s backing of its law enforcement officers through indemnifying them for the new $25k of liability in any judgement against officers as signed into law by the Colorado governor recently. P

F. Pray for the protection of all Elbert County Sheriffs, Deputies, Posse, and all firefighters and other first responders.

G. Pray that Elbert County continue to be protected by the Lord from the fits of violence and disregard for the property and safety of others that are happening in Denver, Aurora and other areas and throughout the country. Pray for continued hedge of protection, for Elbert County citizens to react rightly if any confrontations occur.

After the call, I will post Prayer Minutes in the Group, so you can continue to keep these prayers in mind throughout the month.

Thanks everyone! "See" you in the morning!

Mary Powell

Jason Brown
Oct 04, 2020

Sorry I missed this! I will definitely put the next one in my calendar!


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