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Great prayer time this morning! Thank you to those who joined, and we missed those who were unable to join!

I will send out prayer notes later, BUT I wanted to let everyone know about a "Prayer at the Capitol" prayer initiative. The Colorado Legislative Session began last Wednesday, 1/11/22. It goes 120 calendar days, through about mid-May.

Some legislators contacted a pastor in Estes Park asking him to start an initiative wherein people came to the Capitol Building in Denver each day of the 2022 legislative session to pray over the Senate and House chambers as well as committee meetings. This prayer doesn't have to be out loud, in fact to pray out loud on the floor of the House and Senate would require prior permission.

BUT you can pray quietly from the balcony over the proceedings for the Holy Spirit to permeate this place. In an orientation meeting Dave and I went to last week, Representative Stephane Luck said that the Capitol was a temple of baal! The presence of Spirit-filled Christians is needed to drive out baal!

The plan generally is to have people there every day. The most logical way is to look for your district (Elbert County is District 64) and our assigned date is May 4.

However, you can go pray on ANY day and multiple days! And, you can keep track of bills that are in committee or up for a vote, and if you want to pray IN FAVOR of OR AGAINST a particular bill, you can sign up to go on those days.

Here is the link to SIGN UP for the day(s) you would like to go to the Capitol to pray. You would meet at 7:30 am at the KPOF Building at 1340 Sherman St., Denver, most likely in their basement, for an hour or so of worship and prayer. Then the group can go over to the Capitol. You don't have to stay with your group, but can go to whatever House or Senate or Committee meeting you want. At the end, it is asked to come together with the group again for a short debrief.

There are group leaders for each day. They will set the schedule of how long to be there, but most will likely try to have pray-ers there till around 3:30 pm. If you can't stay that long, come as long as you can.

I believe the third floor is where you can access the balcony over the House and Senate chambers. Committee meetings can be anywhere, so you would need to check that at the (TO SIGN UP)

Here is a link to look up bills and their status, along with who is sponsoring, who is on the committee hearing it, etc. (check on bills, committee hearing dates and room numbers, etc).

PLEASE consider going to the Capitol to pray!

Thank you!

Mary Powell

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