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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Good morning! This is your friendly reminder of our Elbert County Prayer Call TOMORROW MORNING, Thursday, December 17, from 7 am to 8 am. Please join us as we PRAY TOGETHER for the EXTRAORDINARY NEEDS of our County, State and Nation tomorrow morning! Thanks! Mary Powell

Prayer Call Info

Date: 3rd Thursday 7am - 8am

Conference Call Info:

(425) 436-6315

Access Code: 5531736


A. For our Elbert County, for its citizens to stand up and be strong in praying for AND supporting by action what is right, good and constitutional.

B. For all of those in our county and throughout the US with COVID. That COVID will be eradicated, that herd immunity will be achieved, that there will be no divisiveness among citizens related to mask issues, etc. That our county can get back business as usual.

C. For the success and/or recovery of all Elbert county businesses, and those in all of Colorado and throughout the US.

D. We pray for those who are alone and isolated during this time, that you will give them your peace and joy, now and in this Christmas season.

E. For the election uncertainty – Lord, intervene and bring about YOUR will! Help us all not to give up hope, not to give in to evil, and that all fraud and deceit will be EXPOSED and people at all levels will be brought to justice, and that ALL US citizens, whether conservative or liberal, will see the TRUTH!

F. We pray that, no matter what administration is in office as of January 20, that leadership will be guided by the Holy Spirit, convicted of sin and SAVED, and will lead by YOUR WORD and the Constitution as written.

G. We pray for the Colorado Election Integrity Commission that met yesterday, and praise for the bold testimony by our own Representative Richard Holtorff. We pray for bold and thorough investigation to bring any election fraud in Colorado to light, and that any appropriate remedy is instituted.

H. We pray that Senator Elect John Hickenlooper will be directed by You, Holy Spirit, and that You will convict him of his sin and need for you!

I. For our county officials - Sheriff Tim Norton, all of our firefighters, Clerk and Recorder Dallas Schroeder, all of our Elbert County Commissioners, Our Colorado General Assembly senators and representatives, our school board leaders, etc.

J. We pray for the protection in health and circumstances for our sheriff department as they protect out county, especially as we enter a season that may have escalated tensions. We pray that you bring new sheriff candidates to apply to Elbert County to increase our force for the protection of our large, spread out county. We pray for their wisdom in dealing with people in all of their calls.

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