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Elbert Civic Prayer Team

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Good morning! Great Holy-Spirit led time of prayer this morning for Elbert County, our state, nation and for Israel!

Great to have a new participant this morning!

Attached are the notes from our time of prayer this morning, along with other things we didn't have time to get to. Please pray through these throughout the next month - all of these are ongoing needs to keep lifted up to the Lord!

Remember - in spite of our circumstances, FEAR the Lord (that is, acknowledge Him with AWE and RESPECT); KEEP your heart STEADFAST and TRUST in the Lord! HE IS SOVEREIGN and HE IS IN CONTOL! HE is Faithful and Just - we have nothing to fear!

Hope to see you next time, on June 20! Have a blessed month!'

Mary Powell

Elbert County Cover the County Prayer Notes - 5-16-24
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