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Morgan Civic Prayer Team

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05-01-23 Morgan County Prayer call

D.J. and Donna on the call.

Vision of a mountain with freshly fallen snow atop it. New and fresh, the snow takes time to melt and turn into Living Water.

In scripture, the Lord talks about His Living Water. we read one of them. “Revelation 21:5 AMP.

“And He said to me, It is done, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the one who thirsts I will give (water) from the fountain of the water of life without cost.”

Thank, You, the Lord of ALL for giving us a pathway to salvation as a free gift because of Your sacrifice! Jesus on the cross!

Lord, we thank You for the rain in season. The trees are budding, and the flowers are bursting into bloom. Nature declares Your glory they turn their bodies to You. The wind is sometimes fierce in the spring in Colorado. Blowing the nest around and the mother dove is hanging onto the little baby bird. If we did not have winter, we would not appreciate the spring. Awaken! Shaking off the old and bringing in the new. Blowing out the old and welcoming the new. Old and stale ideas and notions gone in Jesus’ Name! Lord, bring new and fresh ideas and strategies from You. Lord, give us room in our minds to seek You. More of You and less of us.

Lord, send your blessings over the fields, crops, animals, and chickens, giving all healthy young. with sickness blown away with the spring winds. Wisdom for the farmers looking to You for the answers. Lord, let them be mindful of Your instructions.

The Lord answered Solomon’s prayer for wisdom through a dream. Let us not be prideful or selfish, but to ask for Your insight. So that the desire of Your heart we would do. We want our lives to reflect Your glory. Straighten us when we are off kilter so we may be in line with what You have for us.

There is an established Muslim community in Ft. Morgan. Lord, be with them and speak to them in the night season. We declare and call it forth in Jesus’ Name! They just finished Ramadan. Let them find a Christian like Daniel or Joseph where You give the interpretation, or, Holy Spirit, show them how You are speaking to them in dreams or visions. Lord, let this happen here.

DJ shares a Bible verse every Friday when she teaches exercise class. Share your smile with someone. You do not know what kind of a day a person may be having. Be kindhearted and good to each other as the Lord would want us to be. Everyone understands a smile. May we share a smile You have given to us. Awaken the desire----we are all missionaries.

Lord, remind those who came to services at Easter to come back to church. Those who had an awesome experience at Easter and hunger and thirst for You. Bring in the kids, to vacation Bible School. Lord bring in the funds and volunteers for the kids.

We are close to the end of school session. Give the teachers and children a feeling of accomplishment climbing to a higher level. Thank You for the teachers and their love of children. Keep the children focused in these last few weeks. Give the teachers superhuman strength.

Thank you, Lord, for the HGTV makeover television program about. Morgan. The program calls attention to the area and brings new opportunities and blessings. Thank You for Your favor and answer to prayers. We ask the other towns in Morgan County will also benefit from the nationalized attention brought by HGTV.

We call forth the conservative and traditional roots in Morgan County. There has been a long tradition of the love of family and children in Morgan County. These roots were highlighted by the HGTV program as it did a makeover of the home of the football coach, Davies, and his wife. The remake of the Davies’ home was selected because they often welcome the football team at their home. This love of children is also true of Morgan Larson, the leader of the theater in Ft. Morgan, as she also welcomes kids to her house. Good people who want to mentor and do what they can for others. They are the beacon: the ray of sunshine. They see Jesus. Lord, be with those Christians who feel all alone. Let them find another, like-minded person to be with. Where two or more. (Matthew 18:19,20) Give them insight and wisdom and what words need to be spoken. Let them be that willing vessel, Here I am--- send me. This was not so hard. I can do this. I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13).

Lord, show us what is inside of us. Is it blessing or cursing? Lord, fill us with Your good stuff. Let us speak affirmations and good things. Fill us with Your goodness and kindness. We want to be good examples. Everyone is watching. Children are like sponges. They are a play back button. Like David, he still knew and repented asking for forgiveness. Lord, open our hearts to reach out and change where you have shown us what we should do.

DJ’s husband, Walter, was called and went to jury duty. It is not good timing. He is willing. Jesus was willing. Thank You, Lord, for the opportunities to serve You in the capacity we feel comfortable. We can suck it up and do it once. Others will feel called. Not 90-10% but call others to be willing. I can do this. Once a quarter or once a year. I can do my part and feel good about what I am doing. It is a lighter tote with two or more. Light a fire. Lord, call them to a task in the church. Lord, You have deeper walk for us. Let us raise our volunteer hand up. Shake em up, baby! Lord, we are thankful You have a sense of humor.

Prayers for Pat as she could not join us today. Lord, we ask You for quick healing of her shoulder after her surgery. Lord, take away the pain and give her Your peace so she may rest. We also prayed for the individual needs of others. Let them feel Your healing power, Lord. Bless them, Lord.

We praise and honor You, Lord. Praising You is spiritual warfare. We ask for more to come. Praise in worship service. Praises to You during the day. No murmuring and complaining. Bring forth the praises to our God in Jesus Name!

Holy Spirit Your kingdom on earth blesses us. Amen.

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