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Morgan Civic Prayer Team

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Morgan County prayer call October 3, 2022

Call participants: D.J. Barrett, Pat Shriver, and Donna Reyman

“Morgan County where the prairie meets the sky” Lord, thank You for the beautiful double rainbow in Morgan this past weekend. The rainbow reminds us of God’s covenant with the earth. It serves as a reminder of His faithfulness and goodness.

We open in praise to You, Lord, thanking and praising You from Psalm 92:1-2; & 10

“It is a good and delightful thing to give thanks to the Lord,

To sing praises to Your name O most High,

To declare Your loving kindness in the morning

And Your faithfulness by night,

But my horn You have exalted like that of a wind ox.

I am anointed with fresh oil [for Your service].

Lord. we thank You and praise You for this honor to come before You to pray.

Our words are inadequate to express our praise and love for You, Lord. Let all the earth praise You for Your glorious creation-the great I AM.: Lord, you are our very breath. Job 33:4 “The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.”

Morgan County is finishing a successful harvest. Lord, we praise You for the bounty! Thank You for good industries in Morgan County, Lord, which give life to the people in jobs and goods. You have been faithful!

We ask for revival in the youth of Morgan County to bring them the life only the love of Christ can bring. May the youth walk hand in hand with Jesus. May His love spread to other youth like ripples in a pond. We ask the sustaining power of Christ get ahold of them. Holy Spirit, tame them and show them how to be settled and responsible. Lord, bring Your Holy boldness as the faith of a child for them to invite their friends to church. Jesus said, let the little children come unto me.” We ask the children will be seed planters bringing their moms and dads to church. Lord may the children’s’ ministries touch all ages with no hindrances in Jesus’ Name! Lord, thank You for the willing workers with the youth. Bring Your blessings to them.

We ask You touch all people to understand why they have offenses. We ask You to show us and them how to put down an offense before it takes root. Help us to realize we are selfish creatures. It is not all about me. God has a different thing in mind. God has the perfect plan

Lord, we pray for those with broken hearts. Some have become bitter and turned away from God. We send Isaiah 38 16 & 17 to the broken hearted and hurting people. “O Lord, by these things men live, and in all these is the life of my spirit: Restore me to health and let me live! Indeed, it was for my own wellbeing that I had such bitterness; But You have loved back my life from the pit of nothingness, For You have cast all my sins behind Your back.” We thank You, Lord, that You have promised Your Word will not return void!

We ask for Your fresh fire for all churches! Let Your love touch those coming into the churches. Lord, send an outpouring of Your Spirit to all communities in Morgan County. Jesus, may Your healing balm penetrate their hearts.

Lord, open hearts of the immigrant communities in Morgan County to Your love. Thank You, Lord, for the people in Morgan County who have opened the door to immigrants from many different countries. Holy Spirit, go to the mosque in Morgan County. They are faithful but to the wrong God. Work a miracle and change them! Let them ask, “Tell me about Jesus.” Jesus, bring them life with You. There are some immigrants in Morgan County who have brought a form of mysticism with them from their original country. We bind up the paganism in the mighty Name of Jesus! Holy Spirit, we ask You release them to worship You in spirit and truth. Lord, set them free to know Jesus, the Light of the World!

We pray into the elections for this season. Lord, let those in Your truth and righteousness rise to the top in favor with the voters. Lord, we ask You will change hearts so they will make wise decisions. You have shown us through Your Word how You directed the good and bad kings. Lord, let the elected officials view cases through Your eyes.

Lord, we thank You for this wonderful prayer time for Morgan County. You are a faithful God!

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