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02-06-23 Morgan County Prayer Call

DJ, Pat, and Donna on the call

Psalm 27: 1-3 Amp. “The Lord is my light and my salvation—Whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the refuge and fortress of my life— Whom shall I dread?

We pray for those in the earthquakes in Turkey and Northern Syria today. We are thankful, Father, we can call on You. We place the brethren who are there under the blood of Jesus! Lord, you say in Your WORD You will protect Your own. The enemy cannot get near them. Protected by God. For those searching for You, Lord, draw them. There is a threat of breaking of dams and the flooding. Hold the line, Lord.

Lord, we lift to You the missionaries who are in the area of the earthquake. Protect them, Lord! Give them Your strength and Your wisdom. Lord, bring in the resources. Open doors and events to draw people in to help. Let the people know who You are through these ministries.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.” You are a good, good, Father. Joseph told his brothers; “you may have meant it for evil, but God has turned it for good”. It is a dire situation. We ask for your mercy and grace. Surround them with Your feathers, Your mighty angels. We have the hope and the joy that so many seek. They are kicking against the goad. Friends and families setting up barriers against You. God, open the door of the eyes and hearts for the lost ones. Those looking for love in all the wrong places.

It is so simple. Why did I wait so long? Wake up our families, our friends. Let them find the one who knows the answer-JESUS! Holy Spirit, tell me how to do this! Morgan County sending the call to return. Wake them up in Jesus Name!

Let them come into church on Sunday like DJ’s son did this past Sunday. As her son enjoyed church but admitted he just hadn’t been going. Get off your duff. Lord, motivate people to go back to church. Paul said they have blinders on. They cannot help themselves. We pray the blinders come off. We pray they will open themselves to the fellowship of going to church. There is not a yoke on us. I was blind but now I see. Lord, help us escape the snare of the enemy. We send up prayers for family members to come back to church. Lord, send testimonies for the turning back to You! You are so proud of all the prodigals!

Franklin Graham was once a rebel. Today, gentle, and sweet but straight on and right to the point of accepting Jesus as their salvation. Lord, bring more back to the feet of Jesus. We call for more men raising up like Franklin. Men to lead their families. Daddy to tell them this is an important thing. God has so many promises. Bring people back. My labor is not in vain. Lord, bring the reminder of the reward of following Jesus!

Father, let people to be reminded there are people who will accept you and remind you there is a safe place. We need to be there for those coming into the church. We accept you the way you are.

Lord, bring the church to surround the immigrants with love. The love of Jesus! Shanna Doughty ministers to refugees in Ft. Morgan. She works with them learning English and assimilation. We must remember many are forcibly displaced. They are afraid-because they do not understand. They become afraid if treated harshly. Lord, bring in more programs like they have in Ft. Morgan. Christians cooking together with the immigrants. Making tuna casserole, the immigrants realize Chicken of the Sea is really fish and not chicken. The joy together in living regular life. Bringing people together in unity. Showing God’s love.

Pam Hernandez from “Rising Up “is ministering to the homeless population and sharing from the food bank. They are able to select their own food. They get to choose. ‘Choices” I am not just begging. Lord, thank You for the insight, Pam has. Lord, send more resources to “Rising Up”. Lord, send blessings to them.

Other missions’ projects in Ft. Morgan are collecting items and donations for Sox Place, a Denver based ministry lead by Doyle Robinson. Another ministry supported by those in Ft. Morgan is led by Duncan Chance from UNC. They have realized phenomenal growth with over 100 baptized and filled with the Spirit. Thank You, Lord, Ft. Morgan is supporting Colorado ministries. Lord, bring more connection between Ft. Morgan and other communities in Colorado. God is doing many things. Praise Him!

Lord, encourage the believers to speak up. God has changed me. I am different. Praise God! Words of encouragement. There is a loving Father who will take care of them. God can reach us anywhere. Chris Dillon sends arrow prayers when the Lord brings thoughts to her. Lord, we call for more arrow prayers! We thank You, Lord, You are always listening!

Lord, we lift up the persecuted Church. Lord, give them faith in whatever challenges they face. Father, Your WORD says that You give the strength. We have Your strength. Your joy follows. We pray for those in prison. Lord, teach them to bring others to Your feet, Lord Jesus! God gives the strength and the words. Wonderful! The captives can be free! Oh, Lord, bring Your joy, that people would fall down and ask to be shown the way of the Gospel!

Pat was bedridden when they first moved to Ft. Morgan. A pastor in Brush who would bring the cassette tapes and sit in the room with Pat to talk about Jesus. Pat thanks the Lord all the time. Rev. 12:11 Amp. “And they overcame and conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life and renounce their faith even when faced with death.”

Michael’s older sister passed away, Marie (Rie), a sweet woman. Thank You, Lord, she is with Jesus now. We pray for Michael’s younger sister, Lynn, who is not saved. She contracted polio and has suffered all her life. Lord, we ask for her salvation. May she see her older sister’s passing as a time to turn to Jesus. We pray for Pat’s shoulder, Lord, You love her. Lord, take care of her shoulder. Give her doctor Your wisdom. We pray the pain is taken away! Lord, thank You for ways to ease he pain until a decision. Yes! All in Jesus’ Name!

The end of this month, the HDTV series will run about their Ft. Morgan project. Lord, we ask many will watch the program and come to visit Ft. Morgan. We ask for an Influx of tourism. Lord, help Ft. Morgan and Morgan County be prepared for the tourism. Many of the workers on the HDTV project visited the Sanctuary. Lord, may those visiting feel the love of God. Thank You, Lord, for many blessings for Ft. Morgan and Morgan County!!! Amen.

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