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Family Prayer Team

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Hello & blessings to you beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!! I wanted to share this resource that a dear family friend shared with us after being brought into a holy travail with the Lord where this was birthed. This is a resource unlike any other to help minister to and restore those who have knowingly or unknowingly participated in the shedding of innocent blood through an abortion. I deeply feel the Lord on it, and I am amazed by the merciful heart of the Father reflected through this restorative ministry resource. Please consider reading through it and prayerfully considering sharing it with your congregations (Link below? 🙏🏽❤‍🔥🙏🏻 We believe the Lord is bringing a rebirth to America if the church responds in true repentance of the many evil things our nation has participated in. Will you join your sword in this battlefront of resourcing your people with this free…

Alternatives Pregnancy Centers

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a mentee who needs her work permit extended so she can stay in the USA and provide for her baby who is due in May.

  • Please pray for a young client who is considering a 2nd trimester abortion because she already has a 2-year-old son and doesn’t know how she can have another child right now. Pray that we are able to get in touch with her and offer options counseling and education.

Hope House Northern Colorado

Hi Prayer Team,

Thank you for your continued prayers for Hope House and Teen Moms in our community!


Praises to one of our teen moms who finally receive her driver’s license which is an important and necessary step toward self-sufficiency.


Just a reminder that our monthly meeting is tomorrow at 10 am. These are our primary prayer focuses:

  • We pray for a turning of the Father’s hearts to the sons and the son’s hearts to the fathers-Malachi 4:6. Pray a supernatural spirit of love and protection to over take parents (of the born and unborn) in the state of Colorado 

  • We pray for the harvesters (volunteers and beneficiaries) to take their places and do the work of the Kingdom for the families in Colorado 

  • We pray for a return of the families to the church. Pray a longing in their hearts to be in Godly communities. Pray that the church would move their tent stakes out and receive more children into the Kingdom. Isaiah 54:2-3

  • We pray for a biblical stance to be taken by families and strength with out fear  to protect their children 

Nikki B

Please join us at the capital!!!! April 13 2024, information below.

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