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Family Prayer Team

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Hope House Northern Colorado (teen mother ministry)


  • Praises for nearly meeting our goal on Colorado Gives Day raising over $9,700!

  •  Praises for companies that created a matching gift on Colorado Gives Day of $3,500; Perspective Wealth Management, Calvary Chapel, and High Country Beverage and Crown Distributors!

  • Praises for one of our teen moms completing her GED!

  • Praise God for all the hard work of our teen moms in 2023 as they attend the Christmas Store and shop for their families for Christmas. Pray that they would feel a sense of accomplishment and that they would feel loved.

We are Ten24 Ministries. We serve single parent families and trafficked individuals in Northern Colorado through support and education. We provide monthly foodboxes and Vocational Workshops. More information is available at Prayer Requests: -Anti-trafficking ops are being done and many of the victims are pregnant and addicted to fentanyl. Pray to break the power of addiction, health and life for unborn babies, and freedom for the victims. -Pray for families as a whole. That God would create safe and healthy families and marriages. -Pray for a single parents to be filled with faith and the Holy Spirit that would strengthen them as the leaders of their family. We ask this in order that they may share love and faith with their children and be comforted in their times of stress, trial and fatigue. -Bring additional supports around those most in need in our area. Bring community, protection, lacking services,…


Hope House Northern Colorado ( a ministry for teen mothers)

Thank you for your continued prayers for Hope House and Teen Moms in our community!


  • Praise God for helping to connect Hope House to a community partner that helped resolve financial issues for a mom whose car was totaled in an accident. Continue to pray that God would provide transportation for 2 of our teen moms.  

  • Praise God in thanksgiving for those funders who continue to provide grants to Hope House for their programming.

Colette MacFarlane

Prayer points for foster care in the state of Colorado!

Pray that children in your community would know they are loved by God and understand that He desires to be in relationship with them.

Pray that children in foster care would experience a feeling of belonging in a foster family, a church community, or a group of friends within your community.

Pray that God would lead them as they work through hurt they have experienced in their past and in their present.


Biological Families

Colette MacFarlane
Amy Everette
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Welcome to the Family Prayer Team for Colorado. This is an online group which will allow us to connect in between team meetings. Feel free to post general prayer requests, praise reports or news to pray.


    Welcome to the Family Prayer Team for Colorado. This is an ...
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