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We have seen two different little cowboys raised from the dead in last two weeks! One in a bull riding accident a bull rider buddy of Kash’s a Fetzer kid was legally dead in the arena after a bull stepped on his chest and when he was revived they thought for sure his lungs were collapsed because his ribs where crushed in but we were all praying Jesus and he has the 5 broken ribs and a bruise on one of his lungs and an air pocket in his chest but absolutely no punctures and he is hanging out at the rodeo today watching his brother and he is doing good 👍 thanks Jesus. That’s what the nurse was saying . She said the only reason that kid is alive today is Jesus cause he was gone

And another a 3 year old fell into a river riding his toy…

Sorry for the confusion everyone I moved the meeting to the last Thursday of this month at 10 due to the fact my son will be competing in the state championship in bull riding!! Many prayers for him and all the rodeo contestants this weekend in Craig. I thought I had made a post about this, however it seems I did not. I apologize for any confusion.

Alternatives pregnancy centers Denver

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a couple and their family as they continue to have housing struggles. Please pray for their openness to the resources we shared with them.

  • Please pray for the new intern joining our men’s program. Pray for his encouragement, excitement and longevity.

Weld-NorCo CPT

Prayers for Alternatives Pregnancy Centers in Denver

Prayer Requests

Pray for several patients who came in for STD testing over the last few weeks. Many of them have received difficult news from their test results.

Pray for a client who is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. She has a long history of trauma and is having difficulty believing she can live differently and better during this pregnancy. The baby's father is also a client and we are hopeful that with all the services we can provide to both, their story can be beautiful.

Pray for a client mourning her abortion and struggling to address long-term trauma.

Alternatives Pregnancy Centers

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a mentee who needs her work permit extended so she can stay in the USA and provide for her baby who is due in May.

  • Please pray for a young client who is considering a 2nd trimester abortion because she already has a 2-year-old son and doesn’t know how she can have another child right now. Pray that we are able to get in touch with her and offer options counseling and education.

Hope House Northern Colorado

Hi Prayer Team,

Thank you for your continued prayers for Hope House and Teen Moms in our community!


Praises to one of our teen moms who finally receive her driver’s license which is an important and necessary step toward self-sufficiency.


Just a reminder that our monthly meeting is tomorrow at 10 am. These are our primary prayer focuses:

  • We pray for a turning of the Father’s hearts to the sons and the son’s hearts to the fathers-Malachi 4:6. Pray a supernatural spirit of love and protection to over take parents (of the born and unborn) in the state of Colorado 

  • We pray for the harvesters (volunteers and beneficiaries) to take their places and do the work of the Kingdom for the families in Colorado 

  • We pray for a return of the families to the church. Pray a longing in their hearts to be in Godly communities. Pray that the church would move their tent stakes out and receive more children into the Kingdom. Isaiah 54:2-3

  • We pray for a biblical stance to be taken by families and strength with out fear  to protect their children 

Nikki B

From Alternatives pregnancy centers

Prayer Requests

  • PRAISE GOD that our client who planned to have a late term abortion on March 5 did NOT go through with it. She walked out of the abortion clinic the day of her appointment! Her family is now planning her baby shower. Thank you all for your prayers!!

  • Please pray for a young woman who is considering abortion and adoption. She is getting conflicting messages from people in her life, so she thinks abortion is the “easiest” answer. Thankfully, she canceled her abortion appointment last week so she can come in for an ultrasound. Please pray for peace for her as she is struggling with the many opinions being thrown at her and pray that she will attend her ultrasound appointment next week.

Nikki B

Alternatives pregnancy centers

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the men in the Post-Abortion Recovery for Men pilot group. Pray that they would find healing and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

  • Please pray for a formerly abortion-minded couple who is now carrying to term. They are facing many challenges in their relationship and work environments.

Nikki B

Also, very important... I will be going to see the property while there in CO. to pray over the grounds & claim it in person. Its my 1st time seeing the property in person so please stand with me to take possession of the land promised to me & for the miraculous to occur so Safe Haven Refuge Ministries can get firmly seated & rooted to fulfill God's purposes in the region! Praise God for the victories & I wait with great expectation for our Lord God to provide all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus! You are my King, O God; Command victories for Jacob. Through Your name we will trample those who rise up against us. Yes & Amen🔥🙏🏽☝🏾💞

Kaitlin Ford

Prayer request please! Please pray for my safe travels going and coming also for the protection & safety of my household while I'm away about my Father's business. Please pray I make amazing kingdom connections & partnerships as I will be in Colorado Springs April 1st for a formal conference. Pray I move in the Holy Spirit with authority, wisdom, & discernment & any weapon or distraction formed against me shall not prosper & is destroyed by the fire of the Lord in Yeshua's mighty name!

Hope House Northern for teen moms


  • Praises that 6 teen moms engaged in the Healthy Relationships Class Series with 2 completing the entire series! They are learning to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships and know how to set boundaries.

  • Praises that Hope House received a $20,000 donation from Baessler Homes “Night of Giving”!

  • Praises for Generations Church who has continued their support of Hope House for a second year, providing space at their church, volunteers and resources to help support our teen moms!

Nikki B

April 13 is the day to go to your capital and stand for our children! Let them know not to be messing with OUR kids!

Nikki B

Prayer requests from Alternatives Pregnancy Centers Denver

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a momma mentee who is in a legal struggle with the father of her baby. The situation is volatile and we are praying for her emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

  • Please pray for a momma mentee who has asked us all to pray for her husband who is struggling with possible liver failure.

Prayer requests from alternative's pregnancy centers Denver

Prayer Requests

Please pray for a woman who called us in middle of the night desperate for an abortion due to being in an abusive relationship. She disconnected the call with us. Please let the Lord lead her to the resources available to help.

Pray for several woman in our Counseling After Abortion program who are experiencing a lot of crisis and chaos in their lives in addition to their abortion loss and grief. They describe a common feeling of not being able to get their heads above water and feel like they are drowning in suffering and fear of the unknown.

Please pray for a client who recently had a miscarriage and is pregnant again. Due to health complications with her current pregnancy, she will have to deliver the baby at 22 weeks gestation. Please pray for the doctors who will be…

Nikki B

Alternatives pregnancy centers

  • Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a client who found out she was pregnant and is encountering extreme emotional, physical, and mental pressure from the father of the baby to have another abortion. She does not want the abortion. She has an abortion in her past and wants things to be different this time, but she is struggling with the pressure. Pray for her resilience and for other support in her life.

  • Please pray for a pregnant client who is experiencing chaos, crisis, and relationship trauma. She's excited to have her baby and made the hard choice to carry to term within horrible circumstances but those circumstances have not let up at all. Her baby is due on February 19.

  • Pray for the clients we have repeatedly tried to reach but we have lost contact with.


Hope House Northern Colorado

Praise report:

  • Praises for a successful Board Retreat where we made exciting plans for Hope House in 2024. Praises for the individuals on the board who love our teen moms and the mission that God has laid before us!

  • Praises for a teen mom who is excited to begin her GED journey!

  • Praises for our volunteers who have already committed to helping in childcare for our Healthy Relationships Series!

Prayer request:


Alternatives pregnancy centers

Prayer Requests


  • Pray for a client who was recently diagnosed with diabetes and is learning how to manage her new normal.


Alternatives Pregnancy Center Colorado

Prayer Requests


  • Please pray for seven more of the dads in Fatherhood Mentoring to finish the Doctor Dad curriculum. 

  • Pray for a client with a history of miscarriage who is concerned for her current pregnancy.

Hope House Northern Colorado (teen moms)


Praises for exceeding our Colorado Day gives goal for a total of over $10,800!

Praises for being able to celebrate a GED graduation with a teen mom and her extended family!

Praise God for the different partnerships that helped provide Christmas gifts to our teen moms and kiddos this holiday season.

Colorado Life Initutive

Reminder the weekly prayer call is today from noon-1pm (605)313-5646

Access code: 2864349

Here are some prayer points. If ur schedule won't allow joining today please pray on ur own.


Hope House Northern Colorado (teen mother ministry)


  • Praises for nearly meeting our goal on Colorado Gives Day raising over $9,700!

  •  Praises for companies that created a matching gift on Colorado Gives Day of $3,500; Perspective Wealth Management, Calvary Chapel, and High Country Beverage and Crown Distributors!

  • Praises for one of our teen moms completing her GED!

  • Praise God for all the hard work of our teen moms in 2023 as they attend the Christmas Store and shop for their families for Christmas. Pray that they would feel a sense of accomplishment and that they would feel loved.


We are Ten24 Ministries. We serve single parent families and trafficked individuals in Northern Colorado through support and education. We provide monthly foodboxes and Vocational Workshops. More information is available at Prayer Requests: -Anti-trafficking ops are being done and many of the victims are pregnant and addicted to fentanyl. Pray to break the power of addiction, health and life for unborn babies, and freedom for the victims. -Pray for families as a whole. That God would create safe and healthy families and marriages. -Pray for a single parents to be filled with faith and the Holy Spirit that would strengthen them as the leaders of their family. We ask this in order that they may share love and faith with their children and be comforted in their times of stress, trial and fatigue. -Bring additional supports around those most in need in our area. Bring community, protection, lacking services,…


Hope House Northern Colorado ( a ministry for teen mothers)

Thank you for your continued prayers for Hope House and Teen Moms in our community!


  • Praise God for helping to connect Hope House to a community partner that helped resolve financial issues for a mom whose car was totaled in an accident. Continue to pray that God would provide transportation for 2 of our teen moms.  

  • Praise God in thanksgiving for those funders who continue to provide grants to Hope House for their programming.

Colette MacFarlane

Prayer points for foster care in the state of Colorado!

Pray that children in your community would know they are loved by God and understand that He desires to be in relationship with them.

Pray that children in foster care would experience a feeling of belonging in a foster family, a church community, or a group of friends within your community.

Pray that God would lead them as they work through hurt they have experienced in their past and in their present.


Biological Families

Colette MacFarlane


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