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Family Prayer Team

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Alternatives pregnancy centers Denver

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a couple and their family as they continue to have housing struggles. Please pray for their openness to the resources we shared with them.

  • Please pray for the new intern joining our men’s program. Pray for his encouragement, excitement and longevity.

  • Please pray for a few of our clients who are in a place of indecision. For a variety of reasons, they are wrestling between parenting and abortion. Please pray the Lord works in their hearts and minds as they process their decision.

  • Please pray for a patient receiving our services for STD Testing & Treatment. She is struggling with the infidelity of her ex-partner and processing the end of a long-term relationship.

  • Please pray for a client who is in her 2nd trimester and was abortion-minded but has changed her mind to consider adoption. Please pray for God’s leading and strength as she continues to process her pregnancy and what her next steps should be.

  • Please pray that the Foundations course for A Promising Future will go well. Pray for people to leave feeling educated and encouraged by the work of A Promising Future.

  • Pray for all students who attended classes with A Promising Future this year. Pray they would have healthy perspectives about themselves and the world around them and pursue their dreams

  • Praise God! We saw a client today who is 23 weeks (about 5 and a half months) pregnant. She had her ultrasound this morning and has changed her mind about having an abortion. She is now considering parenting or adoption. Praise God for our team who provided wonderful care for her and the father of her baby.

  • Praise God for the immense generosity of supporters to Alternatives! Pray for God’s continued provision for the organization financially.

  • Please pray that the ads for open positions for community outreach, youth education, counselors and medical providers will reach new people who feel called to join the Alternatives team.

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