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Prayer and Presence Increasing at The Road in Colorado Springs

1. I think the greatest testimony from my perspective as the Senior Pastor at The Road is the atmospheric changes—the mighty presence of God and the massive uptick in faith in the services! I feel so much more freedom to preach, and it’s making a big difference in how I preach. I come expecting faith and expectation in the room. I give the credit to the increased prayer happening starting with our Colorado Prays Prayer Watch.

2. Since partnering with Colorado Prays, we have started additional prayer opportunity times at The Road including Pre-Service Prayer, Boiler Room Prayer, Harp & Bowl Worship, Kingdom Revolution Prayer and Hour of Power Prayer. As Pastor Steve mentioned and others have noted, there has been an increase in Holy Spirit Presence on Sundays due to these prayer times.

3. Pre-Service Prayer has been "on fire" for the past several months.

4. A young man "happened to walk in" during an Hour of Power Prayer time - wanted prayer for release from demonic presence in his life (he added that he had recently returned from India). We prayed for him on the spot - he joined in the prayer time for the rest of the hour.

5. The Children's Ministry has experienced increased Holy Spirit Presence and Power - Dawn Reece, who goes to The Road and is an evangelist mostly in Africa (moving to Orlando this week), was involved with Liz Holt, teaching the children about healing prayer. Many of the children received healing - and several went out in their neighborhoods, schools, to pray for others! Liz has noted that the Wind of the Holy Spirit is on the Children's Ministry!

6. We are designing a 24/7 Prayer Room at The Road and are in the process of leading a team to make it happen!!!

All this since starting our Colorado Prays Prayer Watch!

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