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Re-Digging the wells of the 1905 denver Revival

The headlines in the January 20, 1905 Denver Post read “Entire City Pauses For Prayer Even At The High Tide Of Business As The Soul Rises Above Sordid Thoughts.”

Businesses closed their doors for prayer between noon and 2:00 PM at the request of J. Wilbur Chapman who came to town and called the people to pray. A quote from this article: “Seldom has such a remarkable sight been witnessed-an entire great city, in the middle of a busy week day, bowing before the throne of Heaven and asking and receiving the blessings of the King of the Universe.”

Pray with us that the wells of the 1905 revival are re-dug and opened to bring a new awakening to the people of Colorado which permanently transforms us into the people God has destined us to be.

As the 1905 cartoon below depicts, let our united prayer across Colorado, drive the devil out of our communities!


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