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God Heals Crippling MS

Colorado is being blessed by the Lord as more churches and believers cry out to God in prayer and worship! Dr. Ben Lim was in Grand Junction in February ministering to people for 3 days. Many people were saved and many were healed. Kelly was one of them! This is the report and video testimony from the healing miracle. Pray that more people engage in prayer. Join us at!

"The undeniable power of God was displayed last night in #GrandJunction #Colorado for Day 3 of our #Revival meetings! 🔥 “A lady (Kelly) who was crippled by MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for 25 years was at the meeting. Her friends were holding up her arms during worship… By the power of God, I commanded her to walk! She slowly began to move and then walk, then run! She was then totally, 100% set free from 25 years worth of MS! Jesus has healed Kelly!” Jesus still heals today! Glory to God!" 🙏🏼

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