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Prayer Shifts The Spiritual Climate

God is doing amazing work in a Colorado community in southwestern Colorado. In Pagosa Springs, 4 churches host a Monthly Church Prayer Watch with Colorado Prays and there is a Civic Prayer Team that prayer walks the city and prays for every civic leader by name. That prayer covering is shifting the spiritual climate in the city. There is a known witches coven in Pagosa Springs. Recently, one of the witches gave their heart to Jesus and is now witnessing to their friends in the coven. In addition, the local LGBTQ+ headquarters was in a yoga studio. In May, 2023, as the spiritual climate shifted towards God's Kingdom, the owner closed the studio and left the county. As a result, in the supposed "Pride Month" of June, there were no displays or mention of pride month! Finally, there are 3 schools in town.

The principal of each one is a strong, bible-believing Christian and two of the schools allow intercessors to pray onsite at the school. The local prayer team will soon meet with the 3rd principal to also gain access to that school for prayer.

Prayer is transforming Pagosa Springs! God is on the move!!

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Praise God, thank you Jesus!!!🙌

Mi piace

Yay God!! Plan to visit the area alot this summer and will pray over the land!!

Mi piace
Risposta a

Hey Julie! Be sure to check out the Jesus Cafe in Pagosa off of the mail road. It’s a Christian bookstore and prayer room.

Mi piace

Wow!! This is AWESOME news! is there a goal to spread this one town at a time? Since God began there, doesn't it make sense to continue there and begin to expand from there (specifically)? I am in Northern Colorado. I thank God for this huge victory! May we continue to partner with God and begin where He has already given us victory! If anyone is coordinating the expansion of this victory, how will we hear about that? Thanks everyone participating in this taking back our nation one neighborhood and one area/town at a time through the victory Christ Jesus already won! (We just stand in it!)

Mi piace
Risposta a

Hello Samantha and God bless you! As mentioned in the blog, Colorado Prays ( has 4 statewide prayer initiatives that are empowering local believers to humble themselves and pray….which creates a landing spot for God’s glory to bring community wide transformation. In Northern Colorado, there are 7+ Civic Prayer Teams and multiple churches hosting a monthly Church Prayer Watch. You can join a Civic Prayer Team or start one for your community. You can make a monthly Prayer Promise in a County Prayer Watch or host a live monthly Prayer Watch for your county. You can join a Field of Harvest prayer team or start one to regularly pray for a segment of society that is dear to your …

Mi piace

Amen! Jesus is seated on the right hand of God the Father interceeding on our behalf. There is power in prayer and in the Name of Jesus!

Mi piace

That is awesome news! Go Colorado conservatives go! Stand strong together with the Lords strength & spread the love of God & Godly beliefs!

Mi piace
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