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Blind Eye Opened

As five churches cover Mesa County in prayer in the statewide Church Prayer Watch and 40+ people intercede with the Civic Prayer Team, the atmosphere in Grand Junction is shifting to align with God's Kingdom! Dr. Ben Lim was in Grand Junction for several days ministering to young and old alike. The following is the testimony he shares about Isabel who is 18 years old and was born blind in her right eye… "On Day 2 (Feb 26, 2023) of our #Revival in #GrandJunction#Colorado, she comes up to testify that she was able to see some shadows after a time of corporate prayer. After a few more minutes of me praying over her, I saw that she was not receiving any more breakthrough in the natural.. so by the “Discerning of spirits” I saw and sensed a demonic stronghold over her. I then broke it off of her and she went through deliverance! Afterwards, she got up as a NEW CREATION and claimed that she was TOTALLY SET FREE and ABLE TO SEE! 18 years of being blind in her right eye since birth, totally gone in Jesus’ name!" Dr. Ben Lim


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