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Colorado Prays Impacts The World

In Fall of 2019, Amy Everette spoke to a group called Sister Friends in Cripple Creek, CO. It was an opportunity to share about the power of prayer and the vision for Colorado Prays. Amy shared several testimonies of how God answers prayers and described the model to have 30+ churches in each Colorado County host a Monthly 24hr Prayer Watch to see 24x7 prayer in every county.. During that meeting, Amy met Bisi Chukwudile who is from Nigeria and attends Charis Bible College. She was deeply touched by what Amy shared and pondered on it for several months. When COVID hit, Bisi felt compelled to encourage people in her home country of Nigeria to pray for the nations where persecution exists. She made a list of the countries, sent a message to her 2000+ contacts and asked people to sign up to pray for one country during their daily prayer time. Within a week, all of the listed countries had someone from Nigeria praying for them. Shortly after, Bisi was prompted by the Lord to have a Nigerian dedicated to pray for every country in the world. In obedience, she sent out another list of the remaining countries and again, within a week, a Nigerian intercessor signed up to pray for one of the listed countries until all of the countries had a Nigerian praying for them.. That prayer assignment was followed by a prompting to focus on Nigeria and pray for each of the 6 states and then for each of the Capital Cities. There are now Nigerians interceding for their capital cities, their states and the nations of the world. Shortly after engaging the people in prayer, protests broke out in the capital cities of Nigeria. The protests turned violent but not as violent in the past. Bisi gives glory to God for raising up the intercessors to pray for their country and take spiritual authority over the spiritual climate of the nation. It made all the difference in protecting Nigeria from extreme violence.


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