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Peace & Joy Reign in Downtown Denver

Colorado Prays has been praying for peace and joy to be released across Colorado. In late October, a team of intercessors went to Tremont and 16th St. in Denver to declare peace over the City. They prayed from the roof top of the Republic Plaza Building and from several other locations including the intersection of 16th and Tremont. There was a sense of peace when the assignment was complete and a sense that the spirit of the Fear of Lord had been released over the downtown area and across all of Colorado.

Up to that time, security guards along the 16th St. Mall shared that there had been an increase in violence, anger and outrage among the homeless people that frequent the mall and the streets surrounding it. There had also been the violent protests following the death of George Floyd which resulted in injuries and destruction to businesses and government buildings. Since the completion of the prayer assignment at 16th & Tremont, security personnel and business owners along the Mall testify that “something has changed downtown”…that there is a new sense of peace along the Mall. Even the homeless are now different. The manager of the security team, who is not a believer, said that she was amazed when two homeless people on two separate occasions actually spoke a blessing over her. Previously, she had only received curses and anger from them. Security managers responsible for the Mall say that since the prayer assignment was completed, there has been no violence downtown and protests that had expected to have hundreds show up, have only had 20-30 people arrive and quickly leave. Let the peace of Jesus Christ and the glory of the Living God continue to pervade downtown Denver. Amen

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What an amazing testimony! Thanks Amy!

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