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We Declare Life!

During a Cover The County Prayer Leader meeting in October, we prayed for the sanctity of life and the passing of Proposition 115 in the upcoming election...that there would be no more abortions. Although the initiative did not pass in the election, God is answering prayers. On a Denver Cover The County prayer call on Nov 18, 2020 a woman asked to share a testimony. She had met a woman who had been determined to have an abortion but in prayer with her had decided to keep the baby. The woman had given birth the week before and had accepted Jesus as her Savior! God answers our prayers!!!!


Unknown member
Feb 22, 2021

Glory to God for His loved ones like Amy Everette, Phil Eberhart and others for their stick to it , never give up trust in God. Halleujah!


Glory be to God!! Such power in prayer and He's listening!! 🤗 Hallelujah!! Thanks for sharing Amy!!

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